Just got a text from Erin (bamsmom) UPDATE

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Just got a text from Erin (bamsmom) UPDATE

"babies are coming in the next hour or so"

I am waiting on more info from her. (Ack, I want to run to the hospital RIGHT NOW!!!!!!)

YAY!!!!! Good luck Erin

Update: Erin said she started contracting and dilating, she should be going to the OR soon. She asked everyone to please pray for the girls Smile

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YAY! Good luck Erin!! Can't wait to see those beautiful girls!!!

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YAY, thats so exciting...can't wait to hear updates

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Oh wow how exciting!!! Can't wait to hear details and see pics!! I was gonna try for a super small nap but now that we have babies coming I'm gonna wanna wait for updates :lol:.

Good luck Erin!!!

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I hope you don't mind but I posted this on Twins/multiples board.

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Oh Wow! I hope everything goes smoothly and that those baby girls are healthy.

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Wow!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!! Praying for the girls but at almost 35 weeks they should do fine Biggrin

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Wow an update already lol! This is so exciting, I'm sure they'll do wonderfully Erin Yahoo

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Good luck Erin!!! Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way!!!

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It sounds like they chose their bday! Congrats Erin, I can't wait to see pics!

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Ooooooooh.... so exciting!!!!!! Biggrin

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Good luck Erin!! Can't wait to hear the news!

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Woohoo! ELVs!!

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So exciting! Can't wait to hear the news! Praying that everyone is safe and 100% healthy!

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Yay!!! I can't wait to hear that they are here. Good luck!!!!

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*** August Board Lurker ***
Congrats Erin
Looking like another August Mama
Praying all Goes Well

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Congrats Erin! Looks like those girls want o meet their Mama! I hope the surgery goes well!

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Ooh good luck, Erin! Can't wait to hear more, and find out what Leah's sister's name is! Wink

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Good luck, Erin!!!!! T&P's to you and the entire family!!

So excited for another update!

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Yay! Good luck Erin!!! Biggrin

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Checking for an update!!!!