is it just me?

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is it just me?

The past week or so I have just been feeling sick. I don't know if it is the baby's position and maybe because she is running out of room, but so often I just feel nauseous and not good. On top of that I have had headaches nearly everyday for the past week, but my blood pressure was fine at my NST on Wednesday.

I don't remember feeling like this when pregnant with Mason, but a lot of things about this pregnancy has been a lot harder than when I was pregnant with him.

So is this just me? Or is this somewhat common this late in pregnancy?

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I've been feeling not so hot either. The movement of baby is making me sick to my stomach at this point...I'm guessing baby is just big enough now to push on everything at once. I really am just done with being pregnant and that's not helping me either. I'm tired of hurting, not sleeping because of the pain, and just generally having a more difficult time with daily tasks! I am beyond thankful that baby will be here Sept 15th! The one good thing about having to have a csection Smile

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I'm hoping it's not a continual thing but last night I started feeling sick and still am this morning. I don't remember it with my other pregnancies but I know some people do get morning sickness again at the end of their pregnancies

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I've been feeling the same way for the past couple of weeks. I'm tired and done but want to keep baking. so you are not alone, I just hope you feel better and know that it will be over're so close.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky. It is normal to get nauseous again at the end. As for the headaches, maybe you're a little dehydrated? I hope you feel better!

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I don't feel sick per say, like not queezy, but I feel drained. Like I need to lay down constantly lol

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I was sick this weekend and a bit headachy-I chalked it up to just doing too much and needing to give my body a bit of a break. hope you feel better!

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Hope you feel better!