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Katielee83/Hot Seat

It's your turn!!! Bring it on ladies!!!

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Aside from a family member(or your DH/SO) who has been the biggest influence in your life?

What are some of the things on your 'bucket list"?

What was your first car?

What are your pet peeves?

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Tell us how you met your DH/SO.

Any pets?

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Any hobbies?

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You guys are so sweet for including me! Sorry I've been so MIA. Right after we moved the big grant that I write every year (this year for 31 clients!) opened up, so things have just never quite settled down!

Let's see...

Pet Peeves: people that use circumstances to determine their attitude, or as an excuse. A crappy situation doesn't have to mean crappy life choices Smile

First car: Chevy Blazer. The only new car I've ever owned!

Bucket list: Really all about finding more time and money to travel to far away places. Small children and starting a company have really taken a toll on and frivolous spending (breaking news: kids are EXPENSIVE!!), so I cam looking forward to the time in my life when DH and I have a little more financial freedom to visit some foreign countries. Top of my list: Africa, top of DH's list: Bali

I think the biggest influences have been from teachers. Probably why I got my certification myself! Smile

Pets: we have 2 BIG dogs, who think they are cats. Laziest. dogs. ever. But we love them. I do think that in the future we will be small/medium size dog people...;) Oh yeah, and we got DS a fish for xams this year, his name is...Fish. (we let DS name him. 18 months isn't the best age for that I guess)

How I met DH: at work! WE had a super-secret office romance for 5 months before we were found out! Dating wasn't against company policy, we just didn;t want it to affect coworkers attitudes toward us.

Hobbies: cooking! I love, love, love to cook! Expensive kitchen stuff is my total weakness. I spent more on my new pots and pans than on DS's crib! DH was NOT happy...

This year I am planting my first raised bed for vegetables - pray for me! I have a brown thumb!!

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Can you show us a wedding picture? How about a picture of your favorite room in your house?

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I'm so bad at Photobucket - but here's a link to my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=28201849 there's a million pics on there!!