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Kendra update

Hi ladies! First congrats to alll the new mammas!! i love seeing all the birth stories and pictures! i havent been posting too much, but rest assured, i am definately reading as much as i can!!

kendra and i are doing great! i can believe she is alredy over 3 weeks old already! Time really does fly when your having fun. i am enjoying every moment with her, except maybe the middle of the night fussy fits she has every now and then LOL Biggrin She sleeps for 3 hours or so at a shot at night, which is ok for now, but will suck when i go back to work. Right now, i sleep when she does. Her little belly button is red and inflamed so we are paying special attention to that, she is holding her pacifier in her mouth on her own already. is that normal for a 3 week old?? She is breast feeding with the nipple shield still, though every now and then i can get her to latch without it. i am feeding/pumping and sometimes giving formula. i dont seem to be making quite enough milk to fill her up. but we are definately doing the best we can. the way i see it if she is getting my milk most of the day, im happy!
Dh went back towork last week, but kendra and have settled into a nice routine together. which includes kendra not wanting mommy to do house work! oh well LOL

My current boss is resigning in November the person who SHOULD be my next boss told me recently that whe she takes over i can take Kendra to work with me! Im hoping someone will drop a hint to my current boss!! my biggest stress right now is daycare. i just cant bear the thought of taking her to a daycare center who wont take proper care of her, soim looking for someone who will do it in their home, someone i know and trust. not easy. My office is not a "busy"office. people dont come in and out of there, most of my workis answering the phone and computer work. its very lax as far of breaks etc so taking her to work would work on most days!

Well, Miss Kendra is calling for me so i must go feed her Smile

PS-sorry that my signature pic is SO big. i did adjust the size, but for some reason it is still rather big!

Again, i hope you all are doing well!

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How great would that be if you can take her to work with you! That sounds like a perfect situation! I am glad that all else is going well and she sure is a cutie!

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That would be wonderful if you could take K to work with you. Glad things are going well. Smile

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I so glad you are enjoying your baby so much. And thats amazing that you can take her to work. I too am freaked out about daycare, I wish I had a job like you.

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thanks for the update! sounds like things are doing great. i'm jealous that you will be taking her to work. how perfect!

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Glad everything is going well for you guys. DH and I were just talking about how bad it's going to suck for me when I go back to work since Carter is up every 3 hrs to eat and doesn't like to sleep much after the 2am feeding or so. That's great that you may get to take her to work with you. I wish I could take Carter with me and just stick him in the nursery. LOL!

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Well, the next boss will allow it. that isnt until mid November (given that she doesnt change her mind). Unless my current boss allows it, i need day care for about 5 weeks or so Sad i cry at the thought of leaving her for 11 hours a day. i mean seriousl, what kind of a mom am i gonna be when im only with her for 4 hours a day! OH THE STRESS!

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Laura, Glad nursing is going well for you and you are able to get into a routine. Finding a daycare isn't easy and leaving our little ones there is even harder. It does get easier and seeing how much more our little ones are learning b/c of being with other children, makes it easier.

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Glad to hear Kendra is doing well. I hope you are able to start bringing the baby to work.

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Glad to hear you're doing well! I hope it works out so that you can take Kendra to work with you!