Kendras story and pics

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Kendras story and pics

Hiya Ladies!

Here is Kendras story:

Friday morning i posted that i was sick and went home sick. rana few errands and decided i was craving Jambalya. Went home made dinner, ate and after an hour i decided that it was a goodnite to get nite to get the bassenet out of then nursery and into our room, and we organized our room as well. Holy nesting. went to sleep that nite and for the first time i was able to move in bed without pain ?!?! i wasnt complaining.

So i wake up Saturday morning at 6:20am with a cramp in my middle lower belly. 10 minutes later another one with back pain too. 8 minutes later another one with back pain. i got up grabbed coffee and told dh than i wanted to stick close to the house that day cause i didnt feel good. i called my mom and told her to come over that day and hang out, just in case it was the start of labor andi neede to go in later on. about 15 minutes my contractions were 3-5 minues apart. at this point it was about 7:30, one hour into labor. we started timing the contractions and the semi comfy i could find was on the floor wrapped up with my preggo pillow. all of a sudden, about 8am, i felt puddling in the Nether regions and i stood up and ran to the bathroom and there went some of my fluid! i came out and showed hubbie my shorts all soaking wet and he said, well, here go! this is it! so i got a shower, which eased some of the pain, which were getting very uncomfy at that point. so then i called L&D and they said to get in asap! i called my parents and told my dad i was heading in and to get to the house and sit with annie, who was pissed cause we were leaving her home and that when i got admitted we would tell them to come tothe hositpal. so at 10am i arrived at the hospital, ready for drugs and i was already 4cm dialated and was admitted. i called my mom and dad, no answer. had to wait for blood work before i could get my epi, that took forever!! by noon i was 6 cm and still no epi and i was begging the nurses to hurry the lab up LOL. the nurse said i was the happiest woman they have ever seen in labor, cause i was cracking jokes and being my typical smart *** self inbetween contractions LOL epi arrived at 1pm and that was HELL! it is VERY hard to sit up on a bed during labor, just saying! LOL i was having contractions on top of each other and i couldnt sit still for the dr to put in the epi. this was theonly time i hollered at brian LOL he told me to stay still during a contractions and i didnt appreciate the comment LOL so finally that was done but it only worked on the right side and i started to panic!! at 2pm i was 8cm dialated! let me just say that my persnal goal was to hold off on the epi until i was 5cm, i was happy to go beyond that goal LOL.

ok, so 8cm dialated, numb on my right side, still feeling contractions and pressure through it all and i STILL cant get ahold of my parents. My FIL brough DD up to us cause she was pissed that she was at home. i neededto be on my left for epi purposed, but kendra was on that side too and she needed me to be onmy right cause he hear rate kept going down. so i got more uncomfy for a bit. finally the epi worked itself out and i was comfy again. so around 3:30 i ws pretty sure i was complete and i started to feel the pressure of her head. dr waned to check me and i refused cause my mom wasnt there. she was ok with that and told me she was ok with me listening to my body as long as i didnt give birth witout a dr lol.

so right after that mymom called and is like "so whats up" :eek: i started screamin! i told her im 8cm at 2pm and im waiting on HER to push! apparently my dad didnt give her themessage and fell bck asleep as well. I WAS PISSED! so an hour andhalf trip takes them over 2 hours. by the time they get there, my contractions were dying off, so while complete, no good contractiosn to push with. so they hooked me up to pitocin. i started to push at 7:45, watched with a big mirror nd was so upset cause i wasnt seeing any progress. hubbie did the nurses job, and watched the monitors for my contractions and told me when to push. he was AMAZING! well i was obviously wrong cause i pushed for an hour and 15 mnutes total and out she came. it happened SO fast that i didnt even have time to realize that she was out. brian told me to stop pushing thinking her head was out and they were clenaing her nose out. i look up and i see her feet in the arms of the dr. the first thought was confusion cause i didnt realize that she was born and my second thought was "that is NOT the feet of an 8lb baby! my third thought, was pure hatred cause after 3 mnutes they had DH cut the cord, which is how long i wanted to wait, but i also insised on her to be immediately placed on my belly. didnt happen. they took her to the warmer and i didnt even get to see her! i was all sorts of pissed. the docotr worked on me while i watched my mom and brian and my niece watching kendra. i was so upset. in the end, i had 2 tiny stitches that were internal that got stitched up and after 20 torturous moments i finally saw and held my baby girl! i completely forgot the anger and was immediately in love!

in the end, my choosinng to wait to push gave Kendra a chance to drop lower which the drs say helped me in the end. Little did they know this was the plan all along!! i wanted control of my labor and i had it, during the entire process! It was very calm and relaxin, the lights were never turned on in the room, only the big light was on for delivery purposes. i am SO happy wit my experience, except that they took her too soon. the only problme we have is that the ped dr right before we checked out checked her for jaundice so it delayed us going home. blood work is just under where it should be so we are heading to her ped dr this afternoon to get her rechecked. my heart was NEVER broken has much as last night. the nurse drew blood fromher poor tiny foot and i cried my eyes out for 20 minutes at the sound of my little girl screaming! hubbie had to laybehind me and calm me down Sad

Kendra is doing amazing! she slept through most of the first night, so far she isnt fussy at all, loves being held by her mommy. Breast feeding isnt going as well as i hoped, so we are giving her formula too, but im not giving up yet! both the kids, incuding the 15 year old boy child cant keep their hands off of her.

im doing well too. i was walking around 3 hours after delivery once the epi wore off. my stitches arent bothering me any which is good and so far no signs of Hemi's, oh and i didnt even poop while pushing!! Hubbie is right there with me taking care of her and even let me nap this morning and used the time to spend some alone time with her. ok im sure you are all bored with the story, so here are the pics taken just about an hour ago:

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Congratulations! So glad everything went well! It's actually normal for a lot of women to have a break between being "complete" and having the pushing contractions. Good for you for letting your body do what it needed to do! Kendra is adorable! Hang in there with the breastfeeding- it often takes awhile to really get it going. You're definitely doing the right thing to not give up too quickly. It sounds like you are enjoying every moment!

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Glad that despite them taking her and not putting her on your belly like you wanted you had an overall great experience! Sounds like it was a rather quick and easy delivery, despite the 1 hour 15 min pushing experience, but for a ftm, I still think that's great timing!!

As I just said over on fb, she's so adorable, and so tiny! Congrats again and hope she continues to be a good baby. Don't get too frustrated with yourself if bfing continues not to go so well. Just keep at it no matter how trying it is! :openarms:

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OMG, she's so precious! Congratulations Laura!!

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Congrats Laura. She is simply beautiful!!!!!

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She's so beautiful, and so tiny! Congratulations, and get what rest you can! Thank you for sharing the story!

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Congrats, she is beautiful! Keep trying with the bf'ing, we had to supplement dd a few times before I got the hang of it.

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Beautiful girl and great story! I am glad she is such a good baby! Good for DH as well!

Keep healing so well!

Congrats again!

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Awwww!!! She's so precious!!!! Yahoo

I'm glad you are content with how it went. How frustrating for your having to wait for your mom, but I'm glad she got there in time. Smile

Rest up, Momma, you did well! :bigarmhug:

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Congratulations!! I'm so glad you had a positive experience Smile

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Great birth story!!! She's a cutie!!!! Congrats!!! Smile

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Congrats again!!! She's a tiny little thing, and cute!! Hope you can get the breastfeeding thing worked out, try to get ahold of a LC.

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Congrats, shes adorable. And thank you for sharing your birthing story. Enjoy your time with her.

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Congratulations!!! Hang in there with the bf'ing. For me, the magic number was 6 weeks!!! It was a long and sometimes very painful experience up until that point, but then it became one of the most calming, relaxing, pleasurable time that only I could share with my babe.

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Congrates Laura, she is precious!!!
Glad your labor went well!!!!
Welcome to the world Kendra

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I'm glad the birthing experience went well for you. Kendra is beautiful!!!

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Congrats... she's beautiful! Keep it up with the breastfeeding, I know how hard it is at first! I am always in pain the first few weeks with very sensitive nipples, don't feel guilty taking a tylenol here or there to get through the rough spots. Nurse for long periods of time as much as you can... it gets so much better once you get into a rhythm! Drink lots of water everytime you nurse too! Smile

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Congrats! She's lovely. I'm glad you were able to have the type of labor experience you wanted. Hang in there with BF'ing. Once your milk comes in, it will give her more incentive to nurse. Wink

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She is so beautiful! You are so blessed! congratulations!!

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congrats! that's great that you feel good about the experience! kendra is adorable!

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Congrats!! She is precious!