kesler is here

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kesler is here

Kesler arrived tuesday aat 4:54pm via emergency c section.
He was 7 lbs 1 oz 20.9 inches
Ill update more whrn we come home ill be home on sat morning
Congrates to every one who has delievered while I was mia

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Welcome Kesler!!!

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WTTW Kesler!!

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Welcome to the world Kesler!

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Welcome kesler!!!

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Congrats Mama and WTTW Kesler!!!!

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Congrats, Jen! Baby and mommy doing ok?

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Yes we are both ok thx . He has lost a pound despite feedings every w hour to 1.5. He even sucked for a hour and twelve mins my niPples hurt but stayin positve he has had a u/s on calcification yesterday and today. But not one has told us anything Sad but I am staying positive. Skyler has been up to visit and he is so proud to be a big bro Smile
As for the emergency csection. Started to bleed and pain in my scar. And during the csection it confirmed I was having a uterine rupture drs said it could of been bad but all turned out fine.

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So glad everything turned out fine. WTTW, Kesler!

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Glad they caught the rupture early and that everything is ok. Congrats!

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How scary but it sounds like they caught the rupture in time. Thankfully you're all ok. Congrats on Kesler's birth!!!

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So glad you are both okay! Congrats!! Hope Kesler starts gaining weight back soon, he started off at a good size at least!

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The wt loss sounds like Leah, we used a SNS supplement system to 'help' her gain wt. Maybe that is an option for you?
Our stories are very similiar in that Jocelyn placenta started to abrupt and wasnt discovered until the section.
I am so glad you all r ok!

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So glad you're both okay! Welcome to the world, Kesler! I hope you get the feeding all worked out soon!

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I'm so glad they caught the abruption before something bad happened. Welcome to the world Kesler. Hoping he starts gaining weight soon. Selah lost 14 oz in the first 4 days, but has gained it all back plus more now. It's stressful when the babies lose so much at first.

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Congrats Jen!