Kesler will be born

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Kesler will be born

Friday september 30 th. Via c section
Some new problems have arisen so my ob and mw feel safest form of delivery will be c section. Just thought I'd let u ladies know

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I'm sorry you won't get to try for a vaginal delivery... but "Yay!" for having a birthdate set!

How are you feeling about the c-section?

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Glad you have a date set- sorry about the problems. I hope everything goes smoothly!

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GL and KUP! Yay for having a date!

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Yay for having a date! That is just right around the corner!!

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Are you okay with it! Looking forward to your special day!

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to be honest im a bit scared (spinal :eek:) and really worried about the recovery with skyler and a baby but curtis is going to take some time off with me and the kids to help.
I am a bit disappointed about nnot getting my vbac but i keep telling myself aslong as he is healthy and delievered safely everything will be ok.
Thanks for you positive words

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hope all is well. yay for a birthday! and my dh's bday as well Smile

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Sorry about the issues that have come up, but glad that he's got a set birthday! Hope all goes well and smoothly for you Smile

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I hope the problems aren't too serious. Glad you have a date and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

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the problems with my uterus (which we knew would effect my potential for a vbac) so my ob say's the safest form of delivery at this point is c section
(incase i didnt mention it b4 i have damage to my uterus from my delivery with sky)
im starting to except that it will be another c section altho still a lil scared
thanks again everyone for the support

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I'm sorry for the problems that have come up to warrant a c-section, but good luck with your delivery day!