kick, kick, kick

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kick, kick, kick

I'm not complaining at all cause I'm thrilled to finally be feeling stronger and stronger movement. But I have a good feeling little Jayden is going to be a handful. I swear he is constantly moving ALL the time. I don't know when he actually anyone else's little one this hyper already? My mom is laughing cause she says its Karma...that's how my brother was and I used to make fun of her for it so now she can do the same to me...lmao. I'm already planning how I can keep him occupied and stimulate his little brain so he doesn't drive me me to have a hype personality myself...guess I'm passing it on.

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Carter is the same way. He's soooo active. My belly just moves constantly. And when I can't feel him there, I feel him hitting my cervix or bladder. DH had his arm across my belly this morning in bed and Carter obviously didn't like that. He kept kicking his arm. I thought it was funny since it gets a little uncomfortable at times, but DH could barely feel it. It's so great to feel all this movement.

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Yesterday, Jacob managed to curl himself up on the left side, and must have been laying up and down, because every 5 or so minutes, he would stretch out and I could feel him pushing (not kicking, PUSHING) against both my ribs and hip at the same time, then he would suddenly roll around till he had wiggled out from the left side back to the middle... then moved back to the left side again lol! One time I actually said "OW!" out loud because he hit my ribs good!

Today he's been tap dancing on my cervix all day. I kind of miss the quiet week I had last week LOL!

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I keep telling dh this lo is totally different from dd. It is always moving, especially punching. Dd didn't move this often, she had her set times for movement. Plus she mostly just wiggled her butt around and stick it out. I'm afraid this one is going to run me ragged.

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This baby moves a LOT LESS than my last one. I still feel her throughout the day, but DD never seemed to stop moving and she is totally that way now outside the womb. I really, really hope Selah stays nice and mellow on the outside too... It would be a nice break for me. Wink

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This one is way less active than DD was. Claire started moving early on, and never stopped, and she's a super active little girl now. This one moves enough to keep me from being worried, but not enough to annoy me Smile I'm really hoping this one is more mellow on the outside too, I'm not sure I can keep up with two like Claire!

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I love seeing all the baby names on this thread Smile
This little guy definitely is starting to move more and more, some days I feel like he's moving all day long and he definitely doesn't like when something is pushing against my belly. The ultrasound tech even commented on how she could feel him kicking Lol

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That's how my daughter was- constant movement. I started feeling her at 13 weeks and I swear she has STILL never stopped! I'm feeling this baby a lot, but he is much more laid back than his sister so far... which is probably good. I don't know if I could have handled two with her energy level! Lol!

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This one has his quiet times but he's pretty active. I didn't feel movement this early with Brandon so maybe it means he's more active, idk.