Kristina(bloomingrose) is at L&D!! UPDATE 1

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Kristina(bloomingrose) is at L&D!! UPDATE 1

she posted earlier about her ctx and i got this text from her at 6:52pmEST

" I posted a few hours ago on the board about possible symptoms...been steady contracting since. They are 2-5 mins apart and have been for almost 3hrs. Called and they said to go in for monitoring. I have peed, drank water, moved positions, etc and no changes, they are still coming. Here's hoping it's a false alarm, not ready yet!!""

no updates since, i will update as i get them. keep her in your prayers, we need to get at least another week out of her before she has this baby.

UPDATE a text from her about 1215am. She was 2-3cm and 50%. Contractions were stronger but had no changes for a couple hours so she was heading home. With hopes to makes it to her DD's graduation and would go back today if need be

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Hope they can get it stopped and she can hold out another week. KUP!

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I was going to wish ELV till I remembered how far along she is. Stop, contractions! Keep baking, baby!

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One more week, lo!

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I know she is uncomfortable but I hope that precious girl holds off for another week!

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Praying she can keep her baking another wk.
Thanks for letting us know.

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I hope she can hold out another week. Sad

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Hold off, lil baby!! Good luck Kristina!

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Keeping my fingers crossed the little one can hang in there for a bit longer!

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Oh Wow! I hope they were able to get the contractions to stop.

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Hope everything is okay, I haven't checked facebook this morning yet

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Good luck Kristin! Hope everything settles down, or if LO decides to come that she behaves!

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:goodluck: Keep baking, baby!!!! :goodluck: