L&D for me

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L&D for me

Just a quick update on me and baby M.. We spend late night/ most of the morning in L&D I went b/c I was having really painful stomach pains, not like contractions but I wasn't sure what it was.. better to be safe then sorry. Turns out I have Gallstones. Everything is OK for now but I have to watch what I eat even closer. Lovely. As if doing the GDM diet is easy now I have to watch my fats too.

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Ouch. Sorry about the gallstones but thankfully baby is ok. Are you going to have to have surgery at some point?

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They don't like to do surgery this far into the pregnancy so it will have to wait until I deliver.

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Oh wow. That sounds real painful. Glad things are good with your baby tho. Hope you feel better soon.

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Mari, I am so sorry Sad I am glad things are ok with the baby, but I have heard gall stones are no fun . Feel better soon.

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:openarms: im sorry your not feeling good. Sad feel better soon!

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That sucks! I am glad the baby is okay. I hope you feel better

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I'm so sorry... that doesn't sound like any fun. At least baby is doing fine though.

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Ouch! Gallstones are no fun, hopefully you don't get any more attacks before the birth!

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Wow, that is scary and painful! Glad you and the baby are okay... hope you feel better! Sorry that you have to modify your diet even further- no fun!

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So sorry you have to deal with this on top of the other stuff. Hopefully they wont act up to much and you wont have to many issues till the little one is born.

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Hopefully I wont have any more attacks and only 7 more weeks of an even more modified diet. The Dr told me no chocolate and spicy food Smile

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so sorry! i'm happy baby is ok!

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So sorry that you are even more diet-restricted, Mari! Glad baby is ok though!

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That sounds most unpleasant! And to restrict your diet further, yikes. I'll bet you have your first post delivery meal all planned out already!

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"Roobear" wrote:

That sounds most unpleasant! And to restrict your diet further, yikes. I'll bet you have your first post delivery meal all planned out already!

Not just a meal... Meals I have a list of all the things I want to have as soon as I can when baby M arrives.

I am wondering if they can do the gall bladder surgery with my C section if I end up having one.

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oohh how painful!!! I've struggled with gallbladder issues for the last 4 yrs, soo not fun. I hope things calm down for you & the pain stays away! *hugs* No idea if they can do a gallbladder removal with a c-section, but is worth asking! With my sisters surgery they went through her belly buttons, so their kinda close to that! lol I imagine it might be possible.

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GS are common to develop in pregnancy, but they suck! I hope that you will not have too many issues with them between now and delivery day!

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Ouch! Hope the next weeks go by quickly so that you can get those taken out! Pregnancy is an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience for some at the end as it is, nevermind having something else like that on top of it. Hang in there!

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bummer about the gallstones! glad you and baby are ok though!

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Gallstones are horrible. I got them shortly after DS was born. After about a year of having attacks, I decided it was time to do something about them. Life is much better without them! Sorry you have to modify your diet more. Hope you are feeling better.

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Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon.

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hope your feeling better soon, sounds painful Sad glad baby is ok tho.