labor and placenta placement

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labor and placenta placement

My question is with ur last pregnancy, where were ur labor pains in relation to where ur placenta was located? I'm asking cause my doc told me he was glad mine was anterior for my 1st pregnancy. I believe it might b because I have a bad back and the labor pains might b up front but I'm not sure.

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I dont have a clue! My last 2 deliverys were via csection so I never went into labor and with DS1 I didn't the know the placement.

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I assume my placenta was posterior for my first pregnancy (I was never told otherwise) and I did not have any back labor. All in the abdominal area.

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I also had a c-section last time around (but maybe not this time) so I'm curious to hear the answers.

They did try to induce with my first but I never recognized the contractions other than a mild discomfort in the pelvic area...they never told me with either pg where my placenta is so I'm not really much help, lol.

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Last pregnancy I know for sure my placenta was a bit anterior, otherwise my labours before that they were all posterior, and I had pains all in the abdominal area, no back labor or anything.

Honestly I never thought that the position of the placenta could change/alter how or where you feel the labour pains but I guess it could be possible. But for me it was all normal pains.

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From my understanding back labor can really depend on baby's position and placenta placement *could* influence baby's position but there are also lots of things you can do to help baby into a good position once we get to the end (
The only one I had back labor with DS and my placenta was posterior, as it was with my first two from my understanding.

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I have never heard of placenta placement having anything to do with where you feel contractions. Your entire uterus contracts, regardless of where the placenta is. A lot of it can depend on what position the baby is in, and some of it is just unique to each woman and how your body decides to handle it. With DD, everything was ideal- placenta placement, her position, etc.... and I still had bad back labor. It can differ from pregnancy to pregnancy as well (for the same mom).

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I would assume he was happy your placenta was not anterior because it can make it more difficult if you have to have a c-section, and being a first time mom they don't know how you will labor.

Both my previous pregnancy's I had a posterior placenta and still had AWFUL back labor with my second. Like PP have said, your whole uterus contracts so it doesn't matter where your placenta is.

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"ceres" wrote:

I would assume he was happy your placenta was not anterior

I think she has an anterior placenta.

I'm honestly having MORE back issues this time around. I have no idea where my placenta was with my other two, no-one told me and I didn't ask. With both labors, I felt the contractions in the front, didn't have the excruciating pain that everyone says back labor is.

I am honestly confused by the placenta and back issues concept because I would think that an anterior placenta would mean baby is applying more pressure to the spinal areas because there is no placenta to cushion them. But IDK. Alls I know is I've had more sciatic and hip pain this time around than with the others and I KNOW my placenta this time is anterior regardless of where it was on previous pregnancies. I'm slightly worried I will have back labor as I hear it is really painful and I was planning on doing it without the epidural this time as it wasn't really effective last time for me. I shouldn't really be worried about it, though, as I am a "weak pusher" according to my doc and I'm hoping to be in squatting position through most of my delivery anyway to have the help from gravity.

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I think the back issue is that babies like to face their placentas, back labor is usually caused by a baby coming 'face up'...and if baby's placenta is in the front and they are faced towards it, they come out 'face up'. I actually had awful back issues my whole pregnancy with DS so it didn't surprise me when I had back labor, even though his placenta wasn't anterior. My back ached before I was even out of the first trimester, it felt like someone was grinding on my tail bone almost the whole pregnancy...and laying down/sitting down didn't help at all, in fact I remember if feeling like my lower back was throbbing everytime I'd lay down. This time I'm definitely having back pain but nothing like last time so I'm hoping there won't be any back labor.

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My placenta was at the very top of my uterus (it kept dd out of my ribs for the most part!). I was induced, but before I got the epi, ALL of my contraction pain was in the lower part of my abdomen. Cramps from hell.

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Thanks for the answers I see him again on the 18 so Ill have to ask him to explain further what he meant. All the answers were interesting thou

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We`re all going to have a certain amount of back pain, that`s inevitable, but in terms of having back labour, I really don`t think placenta position has any effect. I had a completely normal, uneventful pregnancy last time and had terrible back labour. I'm expecting the same this time, regardless of the position of the baby. I know my mom had back labour with both her labours too, so maybe it's hereditary?