Laboring on "Labor Day"

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Laboring on "Labor Day"

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. For us mommies though, Labor Day might take a whole different slant!

Help us put together our own "Labor" day article by answering one or more of the following below:

For our September moms - would you like to go into "labor" on Labor Day? Tell us why!

While it may seem like an oxymoron, what will you do to relax while in labor?

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Sure, why not?

1) It is within reason (my EDD is the day before Labor Day Monday).
2) My DH has that day off, so would be available without missing work.
3) I will have finished out my work schedule by then, so I won't miss work either.

To relax during labor? I need to remember what the end result is: baby! All the rest of the pieces are important but not essential.

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I really couldn't care either way about laboring on Labor day. It wouldn't be bad but if I'm going to go into labor that weekend I'd prefer Friday or'd make childcare for my older kids so much easier since all the grandparents are off the entire weekend! I'd be full term at that point, which would be pretty neat.

Relaxation....that just depends on how I feel when I'm actually in labor. I'm planning on hopefully taking advantage of the birthing pool and possibly the birthing ball again (did that with DS1). I think having the right frame of mind helps, with my other kids I just concentrated through the contractions on the fact that they were working to help baby out.

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I do NOT want to labor on Labor Day! DH may not be home by then, and I so badly want him to experience this with me.

To relax in labor, I generally keep people in the room with me, to talk with me and keep me calm the whole time. It is extremely helpful to me! I love having my loved ones around me to welcome the new life.

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I wouldn't mind going in labor on labor day, I am off that day. Smile As far as relaxing, probably maybe taking a hot shower or bath, and knowing my LO is on his way. Smile

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I am due on Labour day so hears hoping Smile

I use breathing techniques and shower to relax

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It wouldn't bother me at all if I was in labour on Labour Day. I would be 37 weeks then and the timing would be great since my due date is 2 days before my son's birthday. I would muchly rather baby girl to come a week or so before then so that I'm home and can celebrate his birthday with him, rather than feeling really bad that I missed the actual day due to having the baby.

To relax during labour, since I've been induced with each one, I just lay there and try and get as much rest as I can, as I know I will soon be needing my energy to get the baby out as soon as I can lol. My husband is the only one in there with me, so talking to him, or sometimes the funny things he comes up with helps. Other than that, I generally don't do much of anything except for wait lol.