Latest baby projects

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Latest baby projects

So this weekend I have been trying to keep busy with baby projects! Just thought I would share:

Car seat cover:

carseatcover1a by Kalee2004, on Flickr

Tutu for baby's first Halloween! She is going to be a bumble bee!

bumblebeetutu by Kalee2004, on Flickr

Travel wipes case that I decorated:

wipescase by Kalee2004, on Flickr

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i love all of it!!

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Cute stuff!!!

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Awww that's all super cute, good job!

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Love it! We need to put you to work! LOL

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How cute!!! I love the car seat cover, did you have a pattern or just do it freeform?

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The bumble bee costume is adorable. Dh wanted to buy Kendra a bumblee costume, but i wouldnt let him. too cold yet for her to go trick or treating lol and yours is WAY cuter!

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I second the car seat cover question!

I LOVE that it attaches so it won't blow away in the wind and yet the handle of the car seat is still easy to use!!!!!

I WANT ONE!!! In pink and frilly, please. Wink

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Very cute.

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The car seat cover I just kind of used a mixture of the various tutorials online. So I just cut out 36x42 rectangles, used a bowl to round the corners and then sewed it together. I used velcro on the straps so that it hooks on the handle.

I am on the lookout for a plain black long-sleeve onsie to go with the tutu, and I will probably sew some yellow stripes on it. And I have some black baby leggs. Then I am going to make some black/yellow hair bows to clip on a black headband.

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Wow! I love it all!!!!!!

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Good job!

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Very cute stuff! I totally love the zebra print. What a great idea for the carseat cover.

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luv it!!!! u are talented!!!!

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Too cute!! If you can't find a plain black onesie I'd just buy a pack of white ones and dye one. Joanns sells quality fabric dye, you'd just have to be sure to leave it in the dye for a good amount of time to make sure it's really black.