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Latest craving...

I had a cheesy bean and rice burrito from Taco Bell for the first time on Saturday. I thought about it all weekend and had another today for lunch. YUUUUUMMMYYY! It is all I think about now!!

I don't know how many calories are in one and I don't think I want to know!!!

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There were two weeks in my first trimester where I craved taco bell tacos...I would eat six at a time. I'm sure that's why I gained so much weight right away. My cravings have gotten a lot healthier as I progress further into the pregnancy except for my one vice: Haagen Daaz ice cream bars. Yum.

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I was craving McDonald's so much today that I had DH pick it up on his way home from work. Not my finest nutritional moment! Lol!

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That sounds so good!


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I have been eating frozen bean and cheese burritos, but I am sure they are not as good as Taco Bell's. What I have been eating is cheese queso dip with salsa and sour cream. I just dip the torilla chips in and enjoy! I eat that almost daily :o

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MMmmmm.... you guys are making me want junk food and It's only 9am!! Lol

I bought a dozen donuts yesterday, I told DH that they are my last donuts for the pregnancy! I'm up 15 lbs from pre-pregnancy and still have the greatest gain months to come! :eek: They were my celebratory donuts for passing my GTT. Lol He accepted that excuse. Smile

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I ate a gingersnap cookie crumbled over soft serve ice cream!! LoL....never in life have I ever been a fan of gingersnaps...AND on icecream? What the heck, my little bean is weird!! LoL...

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Lol I knew I shouldn't have read this thread!
My big craving right now is Reeses Klondike bars, I am choosing to not look at the nutritional information Blum 3
I haven't been brave enough to try Taco Bell, with my oldest I was 5 or 6 months and decided to eat some and proceeded to throw up almost immediately....Taco Bell hasn't been the same for me ever since Wink Erin did remind me of a good lunch idea though!