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I can't keep up! I am lucky to get to my own laundry, at least every other load is for the girls. And it seems like once I get their laundry in, dd1 has an accident or dd2 blows out or spits up.

I had no idea two kids would mean 4X the laundry.

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Heh, I know what you mean!

My limiting factor was burp cloths, because Cassandra is a spitter and I only had I went out and got 24 more. Now I can wait until she's running out of weather appropriate clothing or blankets instead. Every day or every other day was getting pretty old.

Thank goodness Brayden is down to once a week unless he has an accident in bed at naptime.


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I hear ya!

I'm so bad about staying on top of it, and moving it through as soon as it's done.

I folded and put away a load last night (that had been sitting in the dryer for a day or two), and right now there's half a load waiting to be put away and another superfull load in the dryer.

I usually run out of blankets first (we swaddle DD2 in a receiving blanket at night), or socks for DD1 (she takes them off all over the house, and I can never find all of them when I'm doing a load!).

Seems like the rule is that the kids wait till you've just done a load before they make a big mess/wet the bed/have a blowout/spit-up all over. :biglaugh: (Just like they wait to poop till you've just changed their diaper, right?)

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nak Smile

i hate laundry. with five kids, it can drown you if you dont stay up with it Sad

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"Prudence" wrote:

nak Smile

i hate laundry. with five kids, it can drown you if you dont stay up with it Sad

This! I dont separate the babies clothes either, but i do@ least 1 or 2 loads daily. I just hate the folding and putting away part!!! LOL

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I'm drowning in laundry here, too. I've mostly done the kids' laundry, and thrown in mine and DH's when we've gotten desperate! I get it washed and dried, but that's it. My bedroom is getting buried in mountains of unfolded clean laundry!

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I am pretty much doing a load every day or every other day. We run out of swaddles and burp cloths quickly so I have to wash them all the time. Brandon only needs one load a week or every two and Chris and I each have about a load a week, plus another load of towels. I'm lucky that Chris helps out with the laundry so it's not as overwhelming, but I have been doing a LOT of laundry lately.

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OMG!!! I have clothes in the wash!!! AND I PUT THEM IN YESTERDAY! :eek:

Time to run it again! ROFL

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With four kids and being married to a farmer I need to stay on top of it or it would be a nightmare. I wash Clara and Markus's clothers separately with baby detergent. I do about 2-3 loads a day and the boys help me fold and put it away when they come home from school so we are always on top of it.

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Yep, lots of laundry here too! I am pretty good about keeping up with it now. Washing it doesn't bother me but folding/putting away is definitely the not so fun part. Add in cloth diapers and keeping everyone's sheets clean...ah!

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i'm in the same boat! Reagan only has so many outfits that fit right now and i don't want to buy more because she is on the verge of growing out of most of them. So i'm doing her laundry close to every other day. same thing with Wyatt. He keeps having accidents :confused: and then he decides to take off his clothes at random times of the day and putting on new ones so he's going through tons of clothes. I ended up going to target and buying him 18 new shirts last week because he just moved up to 3T. That way I can slow down on laundry! Thankfully DH has 2 weeks worth of work uniforms. I only do his laundry once a week and I seem to just throw in an outfit or 2 for me when i can :eek:

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I'm embarrassed to even talk about the mound of laundry we have that needs folding. Luckily its in the laundry room and not in piles in the room. Still, it's out of hand.

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omg soo drowning in laundry here!!!
thank goodness Curtis throws loads in and is soo much help or we would all be walking around naked with no clean clothes to put on lol!! Wink

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I can;t believe how much laundry there is, I feel like i cant keep up

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I fold laundry at night or during naps. If I let it build up it stresses me out. I also have to keep up because of diapers (adds least 2 olds a weeks).

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I'm drowning in laundry right now too. I stayed on top of it when I was at home. But, since I went back to work, I can't seem to keep up. I get home around 7:30-8 at night so I don't do laundry on work days. Then, when DH is at work, I can't do alot of laundry because the laundry room is on the other side of the carport so I have to go outside. It's too much to either put Carter somewhere where I can go fast, or take him with me. I don't have enough hands. Luckily, if I have to go, Coby can watch Carter for a few minutes. I have a load in the washer/dryer that have been there since Friday!