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Anyone else's colostrum/milk coming in already?? I'm 27 weeks and mine has arrived! This made me wonder if anyone else is experiancing this yet. Gonna have to wear boobie pads here shortly, LOL!!

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Me too! But I was leaking at 8 weeks pg too :eek:

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Me too. Especially when Kelly squishes them when I am holding him. I hate that feeling.
I noticed today that they feel like they did when I was bf-ing.

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If they are squeezed they do leak. Makes me wonder about BF this time because last time I never needed to wear the nursing pads.

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I'm not outright leaking but I do leak if they are squeezed, though I'm not sure that ever really went away since I just weaned DS in March. Right now I'm just glad I don't need to wear nursing pads yet.

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Not yet, but I don't think they did with DD either. They do feel different, though... definitely more like they did when I was BF-ing DD.

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I keep waiting for it. Sometimes I feel something similar to a letdown and immediately check for leakage. I do have crusties though!

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Yes and have been for a few weeks, but like the others usually only if mashed, squeezed or stimulated Wink

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Not me! Didn't with my last pregnancy either. I know it still has time to change though.

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Just noticed this in the last couple of days, I'm not leaking, but it's definitely there if squeezed. I haven't had any letdown feelings yet though.

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"ekcanada" wrote:

I keep waiting for it. Sometimes I feel something similar to a letdown and immediately check for leakage. I do have crusties though!

Totally my case. With both of my boys I didn't leak until after they were born... but the letdown feeling definitely has me thinking I should put a clean shirt and nursing pads in the diaper bag. Lol

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so far not yet.. but i am getting crusties sorry if thats tmi.

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yeppers...if I squeeze I definitely have it..

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yep, thought i bf'ed DD and i've been leaking some since we quit about 2.5yrs ago. but i've been leaking a bit more the last month ish. i've notice quarter sized spots in my bra where i have leaked