Leaving the kids with a sitter

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Leaving the kids with a sitter

My b-day is tomorrow so we are supposed to have a grown up night with friends tonight. I will be leaving the kids with my MIL and FIL. I haven't been away from Carter for more than 15 min or so since he's been home. I'm freaked out just a little. I almost want to cancel my plans. I'm not sure if they will spend the night or not. It depends on what time we get back in town. I know I need this break but it's so hard. I remember doing this with Coby too. I've been getting together their stuff and started crying. I just wanted to share my freak out with people that would understand. DH thinks I'm nuts.

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You're not nuts. I would feel the same way. I left Kelly for just over an hour to get a massage when he was 3 weeks old. I freaked out thinking about it too. All was well when I got home. He was still sleeping, just as I left him.

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Definitely not nuts! It's that mommy instinct! I hope you can enjoy your break!

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happy early bday!!! enjoy your nite out!