Left Side Cramping, Contractions & Pressure..... ????

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Left Side Cramping, Contractions & Pressure..... ????

So, for the last half hour I've had cramping like pain on the left side, contractions (but not every 5 min regular but more of an irregular bh type) and the occasional bout of pressure across the whole lower abdomin.

Is this the baby dropping, or something else? Anyone have any good articles to read concerning these symptoms? I've never ever noticed when the baby's dropped before, and with how this pregnancy has gone, I'm always questionning/wondering about things. I don't care how many kids you've had you always learn something new with each one.

I really, really hope this isn't the start of something, I'd muchly prefer to make it to 37 weeks, however whenever my body says "OUT!" then I guess out it is.. lol. Baby girl has to stay in there till after tomorrow, Heather has a preschool graduation thing to go to again and she's excited for us to go. If I have to go get monitored tonight or something, we'd miss it and it would really make me sad :(.

Guess on the bright side of things, I did manage to get my hair done today and NOT go into labor even though my hair dresser and I laughed and laughed about all the possible scenarios. At least I'd have a freshly done hair do Lol

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gas? Lol sorry, I'm no help.

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Could be some mild contractions. Have you tried drinking water, Tylenol, warm bath? KUP!