Lets show some belly =)

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Lets show some belly =)

Havent seen a thread on belly's lately. Lets see em ladies!

here is me at 34 weeks.

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Ok, just for the record, this is NOT how I normally dress. This was my costume for "Blast from the past karaoke night" with my Youth group. BUT, it is the most recent belly pic of me. 31 weeks yesterday.

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30 wks

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This was from yesterday. I wasn't happy with it but it will do. I guess it's just about 30 weeks. He has been so low this whole pg and he just continues to get lower and lowers. Nice for my ribs but ugh on my bladder and pelvis, very uncomfortable.

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all your bellys look great i will post a pic a lil later. Wink

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You girls look great! I'll take a pic this weekend at work when I'm in my scrubs since that is what I've been taking pics in lately.

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This is the most recent one I have... 30 weeks, 3 days. I'm 34 weeks and 1 day now, so I obviously need to take another one, but it's not happening tonight!


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Let's see if this works. I just took it, please excuse the "im exhausted and I look like crap" theme. Blum 3

and let's see...this was me at 34 weeks with Brayden

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You ladies look great!!! I will try to remember to take one!

My CEO saw me yesterday and told me she was worried I was looking small. Both DH and I think I am looking way bigger this time than with DD and she came out at a perfect 7lbs 4 ounces. It kind of made my day because I am really struggling with clothing lately!

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30 weeks, I had a huge growth spurt this week!

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29 weeks

30 weeks- not much difference!