Lifting and c-section questions

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Lifting and c-section questions

I'm about two weeks post-partum. I have an OB appt. Monday so I can ask then but I thought I would ask here too.

We have had help here for the last two weeks but both of our parents are going to Hawaii at the same time (they weren't expecting him to be so late) and Chris is in major crunch mode at work so I'm on my own as of Friday. Brandon goes to preschool every day for three hours. They told me not to pick up anything heavier than baby but does anyone know for how long? Can I safely carry him in his carrier do you think or am I going to have to take him out of the seat and just carry him? I really don't want to take him inside the house but then my only option is to leave him in the car while I run in and drop-off/pick-up Brandon. Any thoughts or advice?

Also, for those of you who have had c-sections, at what point were you able to start wearing your LO? I have a Moby and I think CJ would really like it but I don't want to overdo it and cause myself a setback.

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I can't answer the wearing question as I don't wear my kids... however, I was told not to lift/carry anything heavier than 10lbs for at least 4 weeks. However, now I'm back on orders not to lift anything heavy again till I'm all fixed up, so who knows how much longer that'll be, though I haven't fully listened since yesterday I'm afraid. It's so hard not to hold Hailey or pick her up :(.

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I was carrying Carter in his carrier within a week or so because I didn't have a choice and it's easier to do that than get him out and put him right back in the carrier. Just listen to your body. If it's too much, your body will let you know.

As far as wearing him, I think you would be fine being this far out from your c/s. Just be careful! Stop doing it if it's hurting.

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I wore Cassandra from day 1 home from the hospital, which was day 3 post c-section. The wrap is WAY lighter than the stupid carseat thing. I still wouldnt push yourself picking up anything heavy.

if you HAVE to take the carseat, get the stroller put it RIGHT NEXT to the car door and make the transfer from base to stroller as quick and easy as possible. I would NOT carry the car seat.


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I was doing everything pretty much a day or two after my csection in terms of lifting up my 18 month old and the baby in the carseat. I make sure to only lift with my arms and not use my stomach muscles though. You shouldn't be doing anything that strains your midsection but lifting with your arms is fine (especially if you have strong arms). I agree with above posters - listen to your own body. I was driving after a week and starting getting groceries and walking with the stroller by 10 days... I'm doing pretty much everything now except long walks down the road/treadmill. However I have 4 kids in the house and it was my second csection so I think it's easier if you've had a section before. I've been putting Markus in the snugli when he gets really fussy and just wear him for an hour or two if I'm really busy around the house.

My doctor said it's next to impossible to open up your incision unless you have an infection or violent vomitting within 2 weeks of the surgery.