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My cat goes crazy when I turn on the doppler and heart baby's hb. He starts rubbing his cheeks on both my hands and will not leave me alone. He is otherwise unaffected by my pregnancy. How cute!

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That's funny, all my cats run away when I turn it on. I don't think they like the noises hehe.

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Maybe it reminds him of his mommy. Too cute!

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That's sweet.

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Awwww!! When I was pregnant with DS#2 my female cat loved to sit on my belly when it was really big, she liked being kicked I guess lol!! Now I have a male cat and he could care less that I'm pregnant, he loves me just the same. My husband jokes that he is my "secret lover" because he sneaks up between the covers to cuddle with me and get between DH and I

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Aw! my male is slightly more affectionate, considering before he never bothered at all. my female cats waits by the door in the morning for DH to let her in...and on my belly she goes. after work and evenings are the same. she listens to the dopplar, but doesnt come near me whne im using it. cats are awesome!

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Very cute. My cat has been very clingy since I've become pg but she's such a sissy she gets freaked out by noises so she would probably run from the room if I had a doppler.

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