Long Day (OB appointments incl.)

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Long Day (OB appointments incl.)

So, this morning, Jacob fought going to school. I didn't sleep well last night, of course. Yesterday had some dehydration contractions and...

This AM I was supposed to go drink my GTT drink and then have my blood drawn an hour later. My plan was to take Jacob to school, then pick up my GTT drink then take it and Daniel to my mom's house for a little visiting while I waited the hour. But since Jacob fought going to school, I didn't get to the Dr's until 8:30 and they didn't call me back until 8:50 and my Dad had pre-op (getting a new knee) at 10, so I just hung out at the dr's office with Daniel for the hour.

Then this afternoon I was supposed to go back for my check up appointment. 23 weeks tomorrow. Yahoo

In between appointments I came home to eat (needed to eat something after that test) and I took Daniel out to the back yard to play, only to find out it was flooded (there's an irrigation ditch behind our yard and the flooding is a different story) and we came right back in.

I start to fall asleep on my couch when it's time to leave for my after noon appointment. So I get to the appointment and Daniel wants to get out of the stroller and play again since he was able to do that this morning for a full hour. I knew we wouldn't be in the waiting room long as we were the first after lunch appointment, so instead I get to hear him throw a fit.

We go back and they check my urine, clean. Yahoo I can't believe I've gone this long without a UTI!!! :eek: BP and pulse both fine.

Baby refused to cooperate for the heart rate check again. Made the doctor go almost crazy with moving around. Lol Finally did get a rate of somewhere in the 150's, I can't remember exactly. She confirmed that she doesn't know the gender Smile

Everything looked great. Then............

since Jacob was at the neighbor's house (wasn't sure I'd make it back before the bus) Daniel and I went to pick him up. We walked, cause it's only half a block. Jacob had a note home from his teacher on his poor actions day so he didn't get to stay and play and we had to leave right away. This made Daniel sad as he wanted to stay and play too. In attempting to cheer Daniel up, I start kinda running with him while holding his hand. He trips... I try to keep him from hitting his face on the chip seal road we live on. I succeed and he goes down softly. Then I start going down and had to avoid stomping on his head, but I could not recover. My knee hit first, then my chin and quickly followed by my nose. I'm bleeding bad from my nose and I sat up crying and yelled to Jacob to "go get her mom" names were not forthcoming at the time.

It took about 30 minutes to get my nose to stop bleeding. Got a decent gash in the palm of my hand (tried to keep my own face from hitting ground) and a bruise on my chin and a nice knot on my knee. My nose does not appear to be broken (now that the swelling has gone down it's actually kind of obvious no damage was really done). I posted pics on FB if you're interested.

I'm laughing about what I must have looked like, but I'm in pain.

I did call my doc to see if she wanted me to come in and be checked. I'm pretty sure I was able to keep from hurting the belly, but the slow motion kinda happened quickly (if you know what I mean). Anyway, they said unless I start cramping, contracting or bleeding vaginally that I didn't need to come in unless I wanted to, so I chose not to go in. I did, however, go to my family chiropractor (mom works for him) and had him check me over for whiplash and crack my back into proper alignment just to be safe.

Okay, so the boys are in bed and asleep now, my husband's coat has been put in the dryer (I was waiting on that) and I'm starting to get a head ache. Time for bed. :sleep:

Hope everyone else's day was better than mine. Wink

Oh, and I don't know yet if I passed or failed the GTT. I'll update if I failed. :rolleyes: Oh, and I'm up 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks :eek: I'm at 15lbs and we still haven't hit the biggest gain point yet. Doc told me to try and slow down the weight gain, make sure I'm keeping active so I don't have to worry about what can come with the high weight gain.

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Goodness, what a day! I hope today you get to be a little lazy and heal up!

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Goodness Janelle, I am glad that you are ok, but the story just made me hurt!

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What a day! Hope you can try to relax today! How are you feeling?

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Holy crap Janelle! I am glad you're ok, but I hope you have a better day today!!

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Yikes! That sounds like a very tiring and painful day Sad I fell once or twice (once down the stairs!) while preggo with DD, they're usually pretty protected in there I'm sure little sprout is fine. That sucks about your nose though - even if it's not broken, hitting your nose really kills! Hope you feel better soon!

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You poor thing! I saw the pictures on Facebook last night. I felt really bad for you but I was having trouble looking at them. When oyu do something, do it right...

I sure hope you have a quiet day and feel better! No running!

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Thanks guys, I was crying a bit last night over my inability to slice cheese and open bottles of heartburn meds and a few other things. DH wasn't understanding my sudden handicap and why I was crying over it. I said "cause it was a VERY stupid accident and now I'm pathetic.

My hand hurts so bad that my sis is gonna come help me wash my hair in the sink this week as I'm not sure I can withstand getting shampoo and conditioner in it. I couldn't even unhook my own bra! Sad

I woke up sore all over this morning and wanted coffee right away. I was thinking I was gonna have to make a fresh pot this morning cause I forgot that I actually made a fresh pot yesterday after my GTT. I was happy when I went to rinse out the pot and found it was full. I love the microwave. Smile

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I saw the pictures...that was one nasty fall but I'm glad you're ok. I hope you pass the glucose test.

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Yahoo the nurse just called to tell me that I passed the GTT!!!! Yahoo time for some celebratory doughnuts. Wink

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YAY for passing!!!!! Goodness gracious! Sorry to hear you had that fall. Hope you feel better soon!

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Holy cow what a day! Glad you at least passed!

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yay for passing ur test....sorry you took that fall...it just sounded painful.