Long overdue hello!

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Long overdue hello!

Hi ladies!

I truly apologize for not posting. Between being logged out when the site changed and getting a handle on my ppd, I was too lazy/unmotivated to log on. I do read posts everyday. It is so nice to hear about these little babies and their siblings.

Update on us, as mentioned ppd hit me. I was not as bad as last time but I started to get major panic attacks. Mostly about the girls getting sick. I havemy medication sorted out so I am feeling better. DH lost his job a few weeks ago. I was thrilled Actually because he hated it so much. I am hoping he stays home until the new year but I am also hoping he finds another job soon :). The next option is I go back to work which we would like to avoid!

My sister is alsogiving me trouble. I have called social services twice since September. It is a sad situation and DH and I may have to make some tough decisions if the kids are taken away...

My girls are doing great! Kyla is huge! We just put away 6 month sleepers! She is really strong. She can pull herself up to standing if I just hold her fingers and can sit herself for 10/15 seconds at at time. If she is laying in the bobby, she can pull herself up to a seating position! She suffers from reflux so we are medication but handles it really well. She is also sleeping through the night (8-7) but naps are still a struggle.

Hayleigh absolutely adores her sister! I really hope this becomes the beginning of best friend relationship!

We are struggling with the car. I know there was a post about it a few days ago. Kyla screams in thecar. I have been doing some research and we are going to move her to a convertible seat.

I will make more of an effort to be part of the board! I miss you guys!

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So good to hear from you! I'm sorry about the ppd and the stuff with your sister. Sounds like Kyla is doing great! That is awesome that Hayleigh enjoys her so much!

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Kyla sounds like a superstar! Can't believe she is pulling herself up with your help! Jacob likes to "stand" if I'm holding him under the arms or on the hips, but if I hold his hands and try to encourage him to stand he just looks at me like I'm crazy lol! Sorry about all you've gone through, but glad to see you back!

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Thanks for the update on Kyla and sorry about the ppd and your sister drama.

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thanks for the update (hugs to u) sorry bout the drama and your ppd