long time no see!!

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long time no see!!

hi everyone sorry i been mia been busy with all the kids the girls are doing great and are getting big!! they are both well over 10 lbs and are 3 months old today! congrats to every one your babies are cute! ive been lurking but havent had time to post i hope i can try to pop in every once in awhile! hope every one had a great 1st halloween with their little ones! will you do me a favor and vote for mine? in the local contest.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=310675485613861&set=a.310212072326869.91714.144601785554566&type=1&theater
you have to go to the website click on the pic then like it... thanks!!

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Done! They sure are cute! I sent you a friends request Biggrin

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Done! The pic was adorable!!!

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luv the pic!!!!
and i sent u a friend request!!!!!
Glad the girls are doing well Smile

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Done! i sent ya friend request too!

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3 months already? Whoa!

Good to "see" you, and glad things are going well for you!