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Thread: Looking for stroller advice

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    Default Looking for stroller advice

    So I originally planned on getting a travel system but I've been wavering back and forth. I went to BRU today and I definitely decided that the stroller was heavier than I wanted (29 lbs.). I went to BRU today and I looked at some different strollers and carseats. I looked at the Chicco but I ended up with a Graco infant seat.

    I plan on wearing him a lot but I still want a stroller that I can attach the infant seat to. I also don't want to spend the money on the snap-n-go either, I would rather just get one nice stroller (but not Bugaboo nice, lol). I have a Combi from Brandon that I loved but I can't use it with the infant seat. I do want something more lightweight, not like the Graco monster I was originally going to get.

    I bought the current version of Baby Bargains and I've been looking at different models and reading reviews.These are a two that I saw that had high ratings and were still in our price range. Just curious if any of you have experience or opinions on any of these:

    Baby Jogger City Mini


    First Years Indigo


    I was able to try out the City Mini at BRU and I really liked it. The fold is super easy and it's light and handles well. The only downside is you have to buy the infant seat adapter ($55) and any other accessories. I also didn't like the storage basket but it's a minor issue. I really like the rest of it, I just want to make sure it's worth it.

    The First Years wasn't sold at BRU so I wasn't able to try it. It's a lot cheaper though and it includes the infant seat adapter. I also like that the seat can be forward or rear facing. Since I haven't been able to try it in person, though, I'm a little wary.

    Any thoughts?
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    1) You don't have any interest in eliminating the Graco carseat and purchasing a Shuttle33 that would fit in the Combi stroller? I have a Shuttle, and love it - but understand the cons that everyone expresses about this car seat.

    2) There are very good reviews on the BJCM. If you have interest in a double for both of them, albeebaby has a 2010 BJCM double for I think it's $299.
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    Just lurking here.

    I always have to give my 2 cents on stroller stuff

    I have heard many people really like the BJCM. I haven't heard of the other one though.

    Just my opinion, take this as you will, the front wheels on the Indigo are small single wheels. I have a stroller that has wheels like that and if I am not paying attention, I fall into grates :/ With the BJCM there are 2 wheels on the front, making it less likely to fall in grates. I know most people have never had that problem, but thought I'd mention it.

    Also differences in the seats, and you need to form your own opinon on this too, bc this is my opinion and I am sure others will disagree. The BJCM has a typical jogger/all terrain/hammock style seat. This means the child will never fully sit upright. The will always be a recline. Some kids don't complain about not sitting out front. Some kids will constantly be trying to get out of their seat so they can lean up and see the whole picture. If they are strapped in they might get whiney. If they aren't strapped in but able to move in the seat, they might fall out/jump out.

    With the type seat the indigo (and others like bugaboo) have, the baby can never lay flat. The seat can be pushed flat, but babies legs will still be up in the air. I don't think that is good for circulation. Sure it is nice to sometimes prop you feet up, but I always feel bad for my kids when they fall asleep in that seat. Also that type seat is not recommended for NB. Neither is riding in the car seat too much. So you are left with the problem of where to put NB baby for longs walks.

    Another opinion I have, is that I can't stand using an adapter for car seats, it is just one extra hassle in folding and unfolding. I have found that I just don't use my strollersas travel systems that need adapters.

    I think Peg Perego has a reasonably priced small stroller (SI, I think?) that looks similar to the I50. It uses a simple strap to hold the car seat in.

    I just checked out the reviews on the I50 and saw Hollie Shultz' video. Have you watched it? I usually agree with her on many points of strollering. Check her out on FB @Baby Gizmo or check out her blog for more stroller reviews. I like her stuff because she reviews high end and cheaper stuff, not just high end like other places do. Her reviews are usually in depth too.

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    I don't have either, though the Baby Jogger City Mini double was one that I was seriously considering this time (and if it were $100 cheaper I'd go for it, I just can't pay that much when I'm not sure we'll use it more than another year)
    Anyways, this is the stroller we have, and I love it
    It's kind of similar to the First Years one in that the seat can be faced either way and I have to say I *love* that option. My only issue with it now is that it doesn't fit in our vehicle with the 3rd row up, which is understandable as most strollers won't, so I have to move my girls around and pop down one of the 3rd row seats if I want to bring it with one day. Still, I love it. It does have big wheels but we live in the country and I can walk on gravel like it's nothing and I can push it very easily one handed and it has plenty of storage space if I need it (older kids coats/extras + diaper bag + purse, ect....I love the storage when we go to the zoo especially)
    I didn't get the stroller until DS was about 4 months old and I never did use the car seat adapter with it since it had the rear facing seat. I never used it flat, but I do know it's adjustable at 2 points (one for the seat to recline, one for the leg portion to come up or down) I actually am going to use it today so maybe I'll play with it and see what it can all do. Honestly, if there were a way to add a second seat I'd love to use it as a double. The other negative I'm thinking of right now is being a 3 wheel stroller I feel it's kind of wide, but I feel the wheels make it so easy to steer so I really can't complain.
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    What about a sit and stand?

    I have a Valco and love it but like the city mini, everything has to be bought extra. It was also well over $550 in Canada (I know it is cheaper in the states though).

    Not a lot of advice here, sorry!
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    I am not much help on the different stroller aspect, but I just wanted to add that I love my Graco travel system. We still use the stroller with my 2 year old on a regular basis, and I don't find it to be too heavy or too big. Obviously it takes up a lot of trunk space compared to an umbrella stroller, but I love that it has a tray and cup holder for Mason, and the top has 2 cup holders for me and a compartment that will hold my keys/cell phone, and I love the big basket underneath so I don't have to carry a diaper bag, or shopping bags around the mall or anything. And most of all I love that I got the whole system for less than $200 (well my parents did they bought it for us when I was preg with Mason) and I don't have to worry about having any adapters because it was built to go with my carseat.
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    I am passing this around because I just got the news:

    joggingstrollers.com is going out of business. I read someone got the BJ city select for 139! I saw the 2nd seat is going for 57!! Here (I am not in US) that thing costs more than $1000!

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    just my 2 cents here - The baby Jogger stroller looks more compatible for a stroller board. Since Brandon is out of stroller territory but still might want a ride every now and then, that might be something to consider. I think Baby Jogger actually has thier own hook-on stoller board specifically for their strollers.

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    I dont really have any advice
    Except my good friend bought the baby jogger city mini and she loved it.
    I ended up going with a bumble ride stroller.
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