Lori - Lizzylaw Had Her Baby!!!

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Lori - Lizzylaw Had Her Baby!!!

Here's the texts I got from her Biggrin

Woke at 130 with leaking. Contractions following between 2 and 6 mins apart. Called Dr and said go in. Babysitter is on the way then we're headed in. Due date baby? Looks promising!

Arrived at hospital around 230, didn't get checked till about 3. Was about 6cms then. At 320 was about 9cms. Got spinal/epi combo and at 345 getting ready to push they tell her.

357am - Baby Addison has arrived!! 21.25 inches long and 8lbs, 11ozs!!

Congrats Lori and family!! Sounds like a very fast and easy delivery! Can't wait to see pics! Yahoo

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Wow, congrats Lori! That is awesome! Sounds like an amazing delivery! Can't wait to see pics/hear all the details :-).

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Just read this on Facebook! Congrats Lori! Cant wait to see some pics!

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Congratulations Lori!!!

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Congrats, Lori! Sounds like a perfect labor/delivery! Can't wait to hear more/see pics!

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Congrats Lori!

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She posted a pic on FB she is darling!

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Congrats Lori, she's beautiful!!!

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My goodness what fast labour! Good job Lori! Can't wait for details!

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Congrats Lori!!!!! Happy Birthday Addisyn!!!!

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Congratulations, Lori!!

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Oh Wow! Only 2 1/2 hrs. of labor! That's fantastic. Smile Glad everything went so smoothly. Congratulations and WTTW little one.

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Holy cow congratulations!!

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Yay and congrats! Can't wait to read the birth story!!

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Congrats Lori! What a fast labor!

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Yahoo congrats! :clappy:

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thanks everyone!! i'll try to post the birthstory and some pics today. off to upload pics to photobucket, ya know, pending Addisyn lets me Smile

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Congrats Lori! I can't wait to read your birth story!

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Congrats Lori!!!! Smile