Lots of updates!!

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Lots of updates!!

Well, Went to my 21 week dr apt yesterday and baby is sounding just perfect, as always! I took my laptop and showed my midwife the U/S and she too said that is a questionable position to determine gender. She's not convinced either, LOL! I'm getting another U/S in a few weeks just to make sure Kyan is indeed a boy.

I got my results back from the downs syndrom/other fetal tests and it came back that he's in the clear for any kind of diseases! He's perfectly healthy!! I'm excited about that one. Smile

I haven't gained anymore weight, which surprised me, considering how poorly I've been eating lately. I've just been eating everything in sight. I'm on the see-food diet Wink

I am so excited about getting another ultrasound! I'm also going to schedule my c-section for Sept 23rd. That way it'll be a weekend and DH can have time off. Although I don't get to schedule it officially until my 28th week, that's the date I'm shooting for.

Kyan is doing great and growing like a weed. He's a lot more active and really senses when daddy is home because he goes NUTS! It's sooo cute Biggrin

I bought his car seat today. It's like brand new w/3 bases for $25. So none of that aggravating re-adjusting the seats when we're in different rides. Got one for me & dh plus one for whoever else may need it Smile I can't wait to buy more stuff for the baby! This is getting exciting!!!

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Very exciting! Biggrin

Make sure on the car seat you bought used that it isn't expired. There should be a sticker on the seat and each of the bases telling the date of manufacture and the date of expiration. I would also recommend purchasing a new harness from the manufacturer. Straps can't be washed and submersed in water, and if you don't know if it was from the old owner, it could be a hazard! Unknown histories of car seats can be scary!

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yay for all the updates! Smile

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Glad that all is going well! I'd be excited too for another ultrasound, that's great that you get to go for another one!

That's a great deal on the seat and bases. I agree, make sure it's not expired though, because some hospitals check the seats before you leave to make sure 1, they're not expired and 2, the baby is strapped in properly. If you have an expired date you can't leave.

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Sounds like everything is going really well. Hope the baby is in a more cooperative position at your next u/s so you can confirm gender.

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Yay for getting another u/s and good lab results!!! Hopefully baby will cooperate better this time!

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I have a feeling gender won't change.. But seein it at a more convinceing angle w.no hands in the way would be exciting for me!!!

The carseat is fine, I've already checked it! I'll probaby leave with on the hospital gives me anyways. They do that here, give each baby a new carseat!!

All this is getting exciting. FINALLY! Lol.