Lump under armpit???

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Lump under armpit???

So this morning I woke up with my right armpit sore...I thought I just slept weird and that's why it was sore. well i was just feeling around and I feel a lump/bump thing, and when i press it, its sore.

what the heck is that?? I googled "lump under armpit" and kept getting cancer websites.:eek: and then i googled "lump under armpit while pregnant" and i get maybe its a clogged milk duct? never had a clogged milk duct before..have you guys had a lump under armpit before?

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I have gotten those a couple times. They get really sore. It could be something as simple as an ingrown hair or something. It lasted about 4 days both times I had it happen.

My advice is *don't google anything when pregnant!*.

If you are worried about it, just give your dr a call.

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Armpit area is part of what they recommend you check when doing breast self-exams. Is it firm? Does it move at all when you palpate it? Does the skin dimple in where it is? Do you have any regular appointments scheduled soon with your OB? If so, I would definitely bring it up then. If not, I would call and see if you can get in.

It's one of those things where it is probably nothing, but always better to be safe than sorry, KWIM?

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I wonder if it could be a swollen lymph node, possibly from all the crazy hormones?

I agree with others, I would call your dr about it.

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I had something similar in both pregnancies, especially towards the end. It really hurt! It freaked me out but my doctor felt it and assured me it was just sore, tender breast tissue. Hormonal thing. We have breast tissue even right into the armpit. She promised me it would go away after pregnancy and it did. I haven't had it come up yet with this one but I'm betting it will.

That being said, definitely mention it to your doctor so that anything more serious can be ruled out.

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Could be lymph nodes, cysts, milk ducts etc. Usually when they are painful it can indicate infection. Is the area at all red?

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I agrree with the ladies call your dr. But try not to worry to much.

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I had one a couple of weeks ago and googled it too so I was thinking maybe it was a clogged milk duct. It went away after a couple of days and then I realized that it was probably just an ingrown hair, but I'd let your doctor know just to be safe.

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I agree with the other ladies. It's probably something minor, but talk to your dr. about it if you are worried.

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I agree with calling your doctor but it's probably nothing to worry about. Hormones can go so crazy during pregnancy.

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What everyone else said- definitely call your doctor and have it checked out, but it's probably nothing. I have one that I've had multiple doctors look at, and they've all told me that it's no big deal, but I'll probably always have it. In my case, it's some sort of irritated hair follicle. It gets bigger at certain times of my menstrual cycle (and periodically during pregnancy), or if I'm sick, and then shrinks back down again. It continually freaks me out, but all the doctors (including a surgeon I saw for it) say that it's nothing. So if I were you I would definitely have it checked out for peace of mind, but chances are good that it's not a big deal.

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Did you breastfeed your other kids? there are sensitive milk ducts that run all the way into the arm pit, called the tail of spence. Many times moms who have breastfed previously will see them get swollen and then go away again. you can try cold compress to reduce swelling and warm compress to help un block it.