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Lurking around

I was lurking on the May BB earlier and found myself getting excited that our day will be here before we know it! If you have time to get over that way, there is a mom that needs our T&P's. Her baby girl has a heart defect and will have open heart surgery tomorrow I think.

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Did you HAVE to remind me that September feels right around the corner? Smile

I have a friend who just had her baby last night, which was very exciting but it makes it feel too real and close to me. I will be praying for the may baby.

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I'll have to go take a peak for the baby girl. I can't even imagine Sad
I have been trying to avoid the birth boards that are giving birth because I went on the May board about a week ago and all the newborn pictures had me wishing it were September NOW Lol I can't wait.

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I don't want to rush anything yet I'm not ready for the little guy to be here to much to do. I will have to check out all the and definitely say a prayer for the little.girl.

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Im with Cheryl. i am so excited to see what kendra looks like and to hold her, for the most part i am enjoying this pregnancy. Time needs to slow down, im not ready for September yet Smile but i will praying for that baby today!! Thanks for letting us know.

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I actually want this pregnancy over (thus getting the newborn stage over as well).

I saw the post about the baby on the May board. Sounds like the mom is a pretty strong lady!

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I agree with Erin that I'm looking forward to being done with being pregnant and the newborn stage... neither one are my favorite. But on the other hand, I'm glad that we still have awhile because there's a lot of stuff that has to get done before the baby gets here!

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I've been lurking as well. I can't believe the time is just flying by. Prayers for that little girl.

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Is it bad that every BH I get makes me a little excited.... WAY too early to get excited about labor pain. LOL.

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I am totally split here - on the one hand, I am ready to have this baby and NOT be pregnant anymore. I totally get the amazing miracle of it all, but pregnancy just isn't my favorite part.

On the other have, I have NOTHING ready for this baby, so I need the full three months left to get my act together!