This made me nervous -UPDATE-

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This made me nervous -UPDATE-

So this last week was really busy, and I probably pushed myself a little too hard, I'm hoping that's what caused this.

On Saturday I noticed that I had quite a few Braxton Hicks throughout the day. Yesterday, I had what I believe were some contractions that were different from Braxton Hicks. I had terrible back labor with DD, and that's also what my menstrual cramps feel like, and that's what I was experiencing. I laid down, drank water, etc. and they gradually eased up over a few hours. They weren't very close together, and each one was less uncomfortable than the previous one, but it took quite awhile before it went away. They were all in my back, where as with Braxton Hicks I feel them in my abdomen.

I never had anything like this happen when I was pregnant with DD. Anyone have any experience with it? I decided not to call my midwife because they were gradually going away (I would have if they had stayed at the same intensity), but I will definitely talk to her about it when I see her on Wednesday. I just tried to rest and stay calm and that seemed to do the trick. The baby was (and has been) moving a normal amount and all that. It just made me nervous.

Update- I saw my midwife today and she and my doula (who I spoke to yesterday) both think that the contractions were because I was a little dehydrated, so I just need to watch my water intake now that it's getting hotter. My midwife said that contractions in my back could also be caused by the round ligaments stretching as my uterus grows. She said I did all the right things, and not to worry about it. Little guy sounded good at the appointment, and I'm measuring right on schedule. Just wanted to let you know how it turned out!

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Im a first timer, so i have no advice to share. but ido know that when i over do it, i feel horrible for hours afterwards. I would use that as an excuse to take it easy Wink

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I know it's normal to get them earlier with each pregnancy and I definitely have. It's something worth mentioning at your next appointment and if it happens again, especially if there's any regularity I'd definitely call.
I get them now but they aren't 'regular', I think the most I've noticed is 2 in one hour (after overdoing it). Some are enough to stop me in my tracks and others are just mildly uncomfortable.

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I know it's common to have them, especially when it's not your first. I think you did the right thing by resting and drinking some water, but I would def. mention it to your midwife.

I've been so worried about this. They induced me last time and I never progressed far and I never recognized I was having contractions even though they were telling me I was having them. I honestly didn't really feel them. I'm worried I might have them and not realize.

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I have actually just had a few scares this weekend. Starting Friday night I had some contractions, for a couple hours, laid down drank a lot of water and they went away. Then last night I had some and I had a lot of lower back pain, which really worries me because when I was 28 weeks with Mason I went into L&D with lower back pain and they told me I was having contractions pretty close together and they ended up giving me medicine to stop the contractions.

Right now I am waiting to get a call back from my OBs office to see what they say, but of course I probably won't get the call back until right before they close.

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I've been having the same sort of issue. When I notice them I drink eater and they go away, but it is seriously nervewracking this early. I think I started noticing BH with dd around 30 weeks. I will also be talking to my midwife but my appt isn't for another couple weeks. KUP on what yours says.

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I'll definitely let you all know what my midwife says. I was talking to one of my best friends earlier (who has two kids) and she said she had a ton more BH with her second. But I told her that these were actually painful (in a crampy sort of way) and she said she never had that (until labor, obviously). I've been okay today, so I'm sure everything is fine, but I'm still talking to my midwife about it.

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Heather this is your bodies way of telling you to slow down! You have been going non-stop for weeks with all this moving, you probably just need some rest and relaxation! I am glad that today has been better for you!

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Thats what I felt when I went into the doc last week. I've never had any before since this was my first so it scared the heck out of me. My doc said get off your feet and take it easy. Too much stress and trying to do to much. I'm glad they stopped for you.

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The nurse didn't really tell me anything, but they moved up my ultrasound to Friday, instead of April 26!

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glad it eased up. even after DD i'm still not sure if i would know what BH felt like if i were having them.. had the horrible ctxs after being induced so i'm also worried about what the normal progression will be like. i bet it was a bit scary and just take it easy and try not to over do it.

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It definitely freaked me out, but it was reassuring that they were getting less intense instead of more so. I was probably just dehydrated or something, but I'm going to talk to my midwife about it for sure.

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Update at top Smile

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Whewww I am so glad things worked out for you! Now drink some more water! Luckily water is my only craving right now so I am doing good. Do you have a designated water bottle? That is what has helped me.

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I do. I'm usually good about drinking water constantly throughout the day. We just had a really busy weekend so I wasn't sticking to my usual habits. I guess I learned my lesson!

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I have been having lots of contraction type stuff. I plan to talk to my dr about it when I go. I notice more when I have been riding in a car for a long period. With all of the driving we have been doing lately, I've hurt more. I don't think it's anything big, which is why I haven't called before now. I'll just mention it at my appt. Glad yours has stopped. I probably could use a little more water.

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Glad the contractions are nothing serious. Just stay rested and drink lots of water!

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that is a good update-take care of yourself and start chugging that water!