The making of an arm! (pic HEAVY!) (XP)

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The making of an arm! (pic HEAVY!) (XP)

Audrey is 6 months old today, and on Friday we picked up her first prosthesis! We casted for it at the beginning of March, so it was about 4 weeks from beginning to final product. It is a passive arm, with an elbow that rotates and bends up and down. The hand also rotates, and the thumb has enough movement we can put a toy or snack cup in it for her to interact with. The hand is custom made, but it got delayed, so they put one they had lying around on for now, and we will swap it out for her own hand next week. It is a little longer than her full arm, but hopefully that will allow us more time as she grows before needing to swap out components. The Occupational Therapist (OT) said best case scenario is that she notices it and interacts with it once we put it on, and sure enough she looked right down and grabbed for the hand! She's a rockstar!

Here are some pics of the process, and a couple that are just cute! ARGH, sorry they are so big, photobucket and I don't exactly get along!

Casting of her little arm to make a mold to build the prosthesis on

Fitting of the test socket 2 weeks later

Working hard with the OT

First time wearing her new arm!

Hey, what's this?

Already using it to help prop up her right side when sitting

The arm

Wearing it under a shirt, rocking the football player look!

Hanging with big sister Hailey

Look at me! I'm cute!

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She's so cute!! I'm glad she's doing what she's supposed to with it. Such a trooper. Smile

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She is so adorable! Thanks for sharing so many pictures with us!

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Yay so happy everything went well and what a smart little girl for noticing right away. Thanks for sharing the pics. KUP on how she is doing.

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Love it! What a champ, and so dang cute, too.

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So sweet! Its great that she started using it right away!

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So cute and it seems like she is doing really well with the new arm!!!

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That is awesome! She is so amazing.

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She is SO cute! That is awesome that she is doing so well with the new arm. Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us!

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she is adorable!

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She's lovely! So happy that things are going well with the new arm. Smile

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She is adorable! Growing up too fast!