Making progress on that To-Do list!

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Making progress on that To-Do list!

I've had a mental to-do list going for quite a while, but hadn't made much progress, other than painting the kids' room a month or so ago.

This week, I ordered a carseat base for DH's car. Should arrive this week.

Today I bought a crib. Should arrive from the warehouse in 1-2 weeks, but it is totally paid for now, so all I have to do is pick it up.

This afternoon I installed the infant seat in my car. Fit is a little tight, but not too bad. (DD is in a FF seat behind the passenger seat, infant seat is in the middle.)

All of the newborn/0-3 month/3 month clothes are currently in the washer. Once they are out of the dryer, I'll put them into the dresser.

Still a bit left to do (buying a breast pump is the only major one), but checking off a few things makes this whole baby thing seem a little more real! Hard to believe I'm only 5 weeks out from my due date!

What's left on your list?

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awesome! sounds like great progress!! Smile

Left on my list is to pretty much just have my baby shower and get the last few things that I want/need. I really want/need a new swing and I'd like to start a stock pile of diapers. His clothes are all hung up, his bassinet and crib are ready, Oh and I probably need stuff for me too, I could really use a good new nursing bra. after I get those items i'll feel like i am really "ready" lol

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Yay for progress!

I have a huge list of things to do and it feels like it's pretty slow going, I'm hoping I have at least the next 4 weeks to finish it all up Lol

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You have been productive! My to-do list is monstrous. Luckily I am due end of the month, so hopefully I have more like 8-9 weeks left to get it done! Our poor LO doesn't have a room or even anywhere we can fit the cradle right now :eek:

Today DH took the initiative to finally move the change table/dresser out of Hailey's room out to the garage. He needs to give it and the crib a fresh coat of paint. I hope on Monday (holiday here) we can start cleaning out the basement bedroom that is going to become our spare room/office so we can move all the crap upstairs down there.

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Hurray for progress. Over here my list is long as well. Got too many things to do to mention. As for now I'm focusing on doing a better inventory of what I got at the shower, placing it in a box and getting it all ready to wash. One thing and one day at a time.

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we have to unclutter the nursery since it has been a catch all since DD moved into her big girl room. i'm working on packing my hospital bag and the diaper bag, some things to buy still for both.

today i just ordered the double stroller.
need to get the car seat out of the basement closet and install bases in the cars.
mostly just little things i still need to buy to put in hospital or diaper bag and bfing accessories.

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Well between last weekend and this weekend I almost have completely purging the boys room and organizing/rearranging the girls room, including moving in a new(used) dresser and putting away all the nb and 0-3 clothing. I am exhausted and I am not even done yet, but we should be finished tomorrow and then its just cleaning up the baby 'gear'.

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DH took the last week off work to get the baby's room ready Smile We still haven't really bought anything, but we needed to reno the room. He took out all the crappy laminate flooring and laid down new carpet and put up a new closet door and I painted. He moved all the newborn clothes and diapers I had in storage containers in the basement up so I hung up as much as I could in the closet. The rest is still in the containers until we get a dresser in there, but at least the room is ready to be filled now.

Otherwise there's still a ton to do, I'm still in denial about how soon she'll be here!

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I finished washing all the 0-3 month clothes this week and need to put them away now. I bought nursing pads, "other" pads, and witch hazel pads this week. Smile

We need to set the cradle up in our bedroom and move the changing table from DD1's room to our room, but that will probably wait for a couple more weeks. I need to clean up all the baby gear this week and send the link to our registry to our family (although, only my SIL has asked what we need for the baby... no one else has even mentioned getting us something... Sad ).

I need to type out the littles schedule for the friend who will be watching them. Her and her husband came over Friday night and we walked them through the house showing them where everything is at and they helped put the kids to bed. Both of our kiddos seem to really love them, so I hope it goes smoothly.

I still need to pack the hospital bags... will work on that this week and think about ordering a birthing ball (or I just may use the exercise ball we have).

Just a few things like that to do. Smile

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I have to go over my to do list again and check. I know I need to buy some things I'm missing for my hospital bag (I could have sworn I had a gazillion nursing pads, :confused:)... I know we need to finish un-cluttering the nursery, but for the most part it's ready.

DH still says we have at least 5 weeks left (I'm gonna be 36 weeks on Tuesday), but my feet are starting to swell a little and that usually only happens when I'm starting my prodomial labor stage and that means we are getting closer than he thinks. I don't think we are making it to 40 weeks.

Last night he was teasing me "Yeah, but honey... you've NEVER gone into labor on your own".... I told him that he's creating in me a desire to prove him wrong. And I'm gonna go the whole way with NO pain meds this time simply because his telling me I can't do it is giving me a boot camp desire to kick his butt! Lol Oh wait, we were talking about what still needs to be done off our to do lists. ROFL

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I need to pack my dipar bag and hospital bag and have a few lil things i need to get.

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I love getting things checked off my 'Master List'...not to be confused with the 'to buy' list, or the 'to pack' list Smile

This weekend we got lots accomplished! I ordered the swing, we had blinds installed in the baby's room, DH finished up painting the trees, I finally got a lamp for the dresser and all of the 'supplies' I'll need during and after the birth!

My MIL and I went and picked out fabric for the bedding this morning, she said she'd have all the bedding and throw pillows done in about a week.

I still have some things to order, but I'm waiting until after my shower on the 13th to see what I'll still need.

I still have to clean/wash the diaper bag, pack a bag for the birth center, hang valances and wash EVERYTHING. I haven't done even ONE load of newborn or 0-3 laundry!!

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I've made a little bit of progress, but I still have a lot to do. I think I'm in denial that my due date is in 30 days :eek:. I have a couple more meals I want to get in the freezer (DH thinks I'm insane, but it's a crazy nesting thing- I can't help it! I have washed the baby clothes and blankets, but I need to wash the carseat cover and install the carseat. I still need to buy a few things for postpartum (underwear I don't mind throwing out, nursing pads, etc.) and I need to buy the things that I need that I didn't get at my shower. I need to pick up the pump that I'm borrowing from my friend, and I need to get a curtain rod so I can hang up the curtain I made for the nursery. I also have a few things I'd like to finish up in DD's big girl room (both of the kids' rooms have blinds, but no curtains hanging up yet). I need to get some organizers for this baby's closet, because right now everything is just thrown in the crib!

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I sanitized all my pump parts and bottles yesterday! Smile and bought the remaining missing items for my hospital bag.

I think I just need to finish organizing the nursery that is pretty much set up, and call Graco on the defective parent handset that I have. We bought one that comes with 2 handsets and one of them doesn't work. I bought them back in March, so I should be getting on it! Lol

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Heather I just finally bought stuff for freezer meals today! Lol Hopefully I can get a few in the freezer in the next few weeks. Still have a long way to go on my to-do list, we had a busy weekend so I didn't get much done. Hoping on Wednesday I'll pick up the nursing pjs/gowns I want...but as far as things I want to do...not there yet. Maybe my appointment on Wednesday will kick my butt into gear Lol

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I started packing my hospital bag last night!!! :cool::eek:

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Good job girl!

Nothing is left on my list Smile

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"ekcanada" wrote:

Good job girl!

Nothing is left on my list Smile

You're an overachiever! Wink This thread inspired me to work on the nursery yesterday. I need to run to Target today to get a few things for my hospital bag and some organizers for the baby's closet/dresser. Depending on how much energy I have, I might get a couple of freezer meals made as well... we'll see!