Markus - 3 months old tomorrow!

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Markus - 3 months old tomorrow!

Just thought I'd give an update on Markus, he'll be 3 months old tomorrow and weighed 13lbs 8oz last week (also had all his vaccinations and did great!) He's becoming more content and still nursing wonderfully (he was a real grouch/fussy the first 2 months!!!) Still not sleeping through the night... we had 5 days where he went 7 hours at night but then it stopped Sad I'm loving all the smiles and talking... he loves to lay on a blanket on the floor and kicks his feet like crazy! Finally starting to like walks in the stroller but now it's getting cold here and with the snow we aren't doing a lot of it. I have all his first three month pictures here...

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he is so handsome (love yur siggy pic :). its amazing how fast the time goes