Measuring big, utrasound needed...

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Measuring big, utrasound needed...

I had my 32 week appointment today. Doctor told me I am measuring big ( I should have asked him exactly what the measurement was) but I was just happy that a doctor finally measured my belly!

He is having me get an ultrasound in 2 weeks to get an estimate of the size of baby and to measure my fluid.

So, when you are measuring bigger than normal at any given week of pregnancy, it is important to get an ultrasound because why?? Will they try to tell me the baby is too big for me to 1. deliver vaginally or 2. that I will need to be induced?

I have never had a 3rd tri ultrasound done to check growth. Do I need to freak out??

Thanks gals!

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I would hold off on the freaking out. Lots of women measure large, and it can be due to either large baby, or lots of fluid, or just a large uterus... or even the doctor being a little too generous in his measurements. I'm not really sure what the process is with high fluid levels, but if the baby is large, they would probably monitor its growth and possibly induce you early if he starts getting really large. But in any case, you won't really know what's going on until the ultrasound. Try to enjoy it as an opportunity to get another peek at your baby.

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Well said, Cristina!! I will not go into panic mode---yet Smile . Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm surprised he ordered an ultrasound after one measurement, usually they want to get a couple measurements of too big/too small before they send for ultrasound. Your baby could have just had a growth spurt, or like Cristina said. But, it is an excuse to see baby. Though don't be too excited, you don't see as much at one time on the screen b/c they are so much bigger. Plus, they can get in a position and just not show their face (like mine did today).

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I wouldn't freak out or worry. With Hailey I always measured 2-3, occasionally even 4 weeks ahead at this stage of pregnancy. It wasn't any cause for concerns, and was most likely just the way she was situated in there. If their bum is sticking way up etc, it'll make your measurements off some, kwim. Currently I'm in the 2-3 week measuring big and not concerned yet.

KUP on how things go, I'd think if you were measuring close to 40 it would be cause for concern, however a couple weeks difference wouldn't, and shouldn't be any cause for alarm Smile

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I'm also surprised that they'd send you for an ultrasound after just one measurement. I would definitely not panic yet... in fact, I wouldn't even panic if they say the baby is big from the ultrasound... the measurements can be so far off. I know people who got induced because the ultrasound said the baby was already over 9 lbs, and ended up with a 6 lb baby. It's REALLY not reliable. My FIL (who is an OB) refuses to give weight estimates based on ultrasounds because they can be so far off. So just enjoy seeing your little one, and don't worry at this point!

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I have measured big the whole pregnancy and my dr hasn't ordered one for me. Guess he isn't concerned. Today was my 35 wk appt and I measured 41 wks. At this time with DS, I was measuring 44 and he still didn't order an u/s. Don't freak out! It's probably nothing to be worried about.

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I agree with everyone else. I measured small last time but she said that we'd see how everything looks next time before worrying about it. Baby could be in an odd position or you could just be measuring big, especially if this is the first time they measured you, they really have nothing to go by based on what is your normal.

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This would be the second time I have been measured using the tape. The first time was at 23 weeks (I think??) and I measured perfect. This is the second time and he is sending me for an ultrasound. Crazy! Thanks for all the responses!!!!

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If he thought you were really off, that might be why he is sending you since he hasn't been regularly measuring you. One of my friends was sent after measuring 4 weeks ahead 2 appointments in a row. Everything was fine and by the next appointment she was measuring normal so they figure it was just how the baby was positioned.

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Lurker...I agree with all pp's and wanted to add that I was measuring big with my second pregnancy at about 18 weeks or so. Doctor sent me for an ultrasound (my first with that pregnancy) and low and behold...TWINS!

I'm sure that's not what's happening but they probably want to check baby growth as well as fluid levels, etc. Plus the fact that's it baby 3 probably has something to do with it. Wink

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My fundal measurements are normal but the baby is measuring small on u/s. I don't know if it is always a good guideline to go with.

Good luck at your u/s!