Medela In Style Double Electric Breastpump

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Medela In Style Double Electric Breastpump

Hi ladies!!

I've been so eager to get on here and share Thalia's birth story with you all but I've been so busy (and tired!) from making every effort to get a constant reliable breast milk supply in that I haven't been able to post much. But I have been lurking...

Question: I have the pump in style double electric pump, not the hands free one. How exactly would I hold up both cups to my breast to pump all the while fiddling with the dial to turn on, get the right suction, change phases etc. Sorry for sounding so dumb, but, am I missing something?

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You can buy a bra that holds the shells, but I always either took one off for a second if I wasn't dribbling too bad or held the right one in my left hand and held up the left one with my arm. It takes a bit of practice. Smile

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I put one on, turned it on then put the second one on. I never adjusted it once it was going because the phase changed automatically. The times I tried to put both on and then start it, my positioning was wrong and it really hurt my nipples.

I would highly reccomend getting a hands free bustier because it makes it so much easier. I bought mine but I know people who have taken a sports bra and cut holes in it.

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I plan on getting a bra that will hold the funnel pieces. Last time I would put one on, turn the pump on, and put the second one on. Once it was on I never messed with the settings...once I figured out what worked for me.

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I used to either put one on, hold it with the pit of my elbow, put the other one on and hold it with that hand, then use my hand to control.

or, i would put them both on holding them with my hands, and use my foot to control the buttons. (pump bag sat on floor, i sat on bed)

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I used to put the funnels inside my bra. Just whatever I was wearing, nothing special. I would pull the cups down to fit around the funnels and once I had them in the right position, I would turn it on. Hands free with out any extra cost!

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you'll get the hang of it Smile

1) turn it on before you put the horns on your breast
2) put the first horn on one breast and use the elbow of that side to hold it in place.
3) use the hand of the same arm to place horn on the second breast
4) adjust for comfort. You should only have to adjust the dial once during the phase one and once during phase 2. The PISA has an automatic phase change at aprox. 2 minutes to mimic when a baby would be changing from stimulating for milk ejection to actual letdown. It's best to let the pump cycle on it's own unless you are getting full letdown in the first minute. Medela did a ton of research to find the right amount of time.

Also, I love this hands free accessory

granted it's not a bra, but i've heard it works a lot better than just the bra because it holds them a lot nicer Smile

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I agree, you can buy a bra that will hold them there or just do what i do, make it a juggling act. Wink