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Middle Name Help

For a girl:

Maya Sophia/Sophie
Maya Snyder
or another "S" name

For a boy:
Jacob Matthew
Jacob Marshall
Or another "M" name

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I like Maya Sophia

A couple other "S" names I can think of... Sabrina, Scarlett

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Thanks Heather.

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Of course, I am partial to Sophie since that is one of DD2's middle names Smile

Other options: Sage, Savannah, Shannon, Shea, Shelby, Simone, Skylar, Stephanie

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Maya Sophia seems to flow to me. This coming from the girl who isn't the biggest fan of the name Sophia, but I like how it sounds with Maya.

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I like Jacob Matthew and I like Maya Sophie...I like Sophia but Maya and Sophia have the same end sound so I think it sounds a bit better with Sophie.

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I like Maya Sophia. Usually names that have the same ending (in this case, -a) bother me, but I think this particular combination sounds lovely.

For the boy, my vote is for Jacob Marshall.

Let us know what you decide!