Midwife appointment yesterday

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Midwife appointment yesterday

I had my second midwife appointment yesterday. I'm kinda bummed. The baby is fine, my bloodwork and NT test came back very low risk, so that's good.

But...my ultrasound results from after I had that bleeding came back too - I have a low lying placenta Sad There's some sort of mass - they think it's a pool of blood, right next to the placenta. I have to go for a follow up ultrasound in 6 weeks to see if it's still there, and if the placenta has moved up at all. If it hasn't, I'm likely looking at a planned c-section. This is honestly one of my biggest fears!

She also gave me heck because I haven't gained any weight. I was up about 2 pounds about 2 weeks ago, which I've now lost. I had stomach flu last week though, and now I have a sinus infection Sad I'm hoping once this has past I'll have more of an appetite and can start gaining some weight. All the foods I want to eat are very low in calories - fruit, raw veggies. Nothing else sounds good right now so it's tough to eat more!

Overall I'm kinda down. I'm not allowed to do anything strenuous until at least my next ultrasound, and I wanted to start going back to the gym this week. Now I can't :angry1:

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That is always crappy news to hear. I sure hope at the next U/S you get some good news. Is the mass related to the pregnancy at all? I have often thought they are not. It is nice to know the cause of your bleeding.

Are you allowed to go swimming?

As for the weight gain (or lack there of). You are tiny, I wouldn't think that you would be stacking on the weight to begin with anyway.

At 16 weeks, I hadn't gained anything either.

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Oh no! I hope it all resolves itself soon. I can't believe she would yell at you for losing weight when you had the stomach flu.

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That is no fun at all. I'm sorry to hear you are going through so much. Try to do something for yourself to destress, like a massage or a manicure or something.

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Sorry about the low lying placenta but if it's just low lying there's a good chance it'll move up, the uterus grows a lot between now and the birth. Hopefully the 'mass' is nothing.
I wouldn't worry about the weight, I've gained 2lbs at this point but with all 3 of my other kids I didn't gain until after 20 weeks

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I hope your feeling better and I'm sorry you had a bad appointment. Hopefully it will go better in the next few weeks. I honestly wouldn't worry to much about working out, I think the swimming is a good idea. I would concentrate on maybe trying to add a few pounds on if possible.