Midwife appt

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Midwife appt

I had my appt today. HR looked good, about 155. I gained a pound. I was a little disappointed, I hoped I had gained more (now at 104lbs) but the midwife was happy. BP was good. For my appt's from now on I signed up for group appt's, so I'll be around other ladies that are pregnant. The group appt's are 2 hours long, I'll weigh myself and check my own BP when I come in. The first one is April 5th.

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Glad your appt went well.

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I'm glad the appointment well well - the group appointments sound interesting! I've not heard of that before - hopefully they will be fun! Smile

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Glad the appointment went well!

You are the second person that I have heard about group appointments from. The other lady was forced into it and hated it. I am glad you had a choice. It is sometime nice to talk to other ladies!

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Wow group appointments? I've never heard of that. I am glad you are happy with that. Also glad to hear your appointment went well hon.

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Glad things went well. Those group appointments sound interesting. I will gladly give you some of the weight I've put on this first trimester. I've got plenty to spare, lol.