Midwife appt and interesting morning

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Midwife appt and interesting morning

I woke up early to a really bad dream. I had the baby, labor only took an hour once I got to the hospital. Everything was good but for some reason they wouldn't let me have the baby and they discharged me right away! I was having a fit when I woke up.

When I let the dog out this morning she ran after someone jogging (she knows better than to run in the road). She just isn't listening to me lately and is driving me nuts. I think I'm going to make dh take care of her for at least the rest of the pregnancy.

Went to the appt, which at least that went well. Weigh 125lbs, belly measures 30 weeks. HR in the 140's-150's. They want me to call if I have any other bleeding episodes and if it is spontaneous (not following dtd) then I'll need yet another ultrasound. Otherwise everything looks good.

On the way home dd had an accident in her carseat so I had to clean that up. Now we are just relaxing and she is watching Cars. Is it naptime yet? Smile

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Yikes! Happy Monday indeed! Sorry you are having such an off morning.

Can you find a way to treat yourself while dd is napping? Maybe paint your toes or find a favorite movie to watch? You deserve it!

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sorry your having a rough morning. hope it gets better!! :bigarmhug:

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What a morning, I swear pets are as bad as kids at the end of pregnancy, our cat has started doing all sorts of things she *never* used to do (try and climb on the kitchen table/counters, 'stealing' toys from the kids, ect) they must know we don't have the energy to take charge Lol
Glad your appointment went well, hope you got some rest during naptime!

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Busy day!

What is with the animals lately! I hope she smartens up!

Accidents in the carseat suck!

I hope you enjoy your nap!

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Glad your appt went well. Sorry about the dog and he bad dream. That would drive me insane.

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Sorry the dog is still acting up but at least the appt went well. Mine are still acting up as well. My boxer keeps waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside, not like I dont get up enough times on my own. My chihuhua keeps peeing in the bathroom. I caught her yesterday and yelled at her right before she did it. The animals just sense something is not normal and they are acting out because of it.:eek:

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What a day! Hope it got better.

Glad you had a good appt!

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Sorry about the dog and the accident in the car. Brandon had an accident in the car a few months ago on our way up North and it was awful (I had no pull-ups with me either which sucked).

Glad the rest of your appt. went well.