Mind if I join?

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Mind if I join?

So my October Pumpkin Pie ended up being a September Sapphire and I find myself checking this board often because you all have babies his age and stage.

I thought I'd introduce myself so that if I do suddenly start posting on threads you will know where I came from, hehe!

My name is Sara and I am a single mom to 2 boys- 8yo and 3wo. I wish I had bumped my intro to the october board so I could link it and make this easier. If you search my threads you can read all about me, I've posted a handful of threads about me.
This is my october space
This pregnancy went amazingly well until I had a wreck on 8/31, that is when things went downhill pretty fast, but thankfully I was able to keep baking until 37 weeks.
This is the car wreck thread with pictures
And this is our crazy birth story which is also linked in my signature.

It took a long time to heal from that. I just finally started feeling more normal and human this past week and was able to drive a little and run some errands, though I still feel the impact of it if I do too much(which is just my normal load, if this all hadn't happened).

He is doing great though, currently he is going through a little growth spurt and cluster nursing at night. He is now 9lbs2oz, my EDD was a few days ago, and I think he definitely would have been a 9lber if I had gone full term(I was an 8lbs preemie myself, my sis and bro were both in the 9lbs at full term).

I hope you all don't mind if I straddle boards and end up posting here a bit Smile

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Welcome to September! Sorry to hear about your wreck but yey to you and your LO doing great. That's such an awesome weight for a preemie. I too have a preemie born at 36+2, she's doing great as well. Look forward to sharing. Welcome once again!!

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Hi Sara! I followed your lodge on the natural birth board. Welcome to September!

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are you on c-s.org? Wink

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Hiya and welcome to Sept! I haven't read your story yet, but will just as soon as I get time..lol Wink

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"epiclesis" wrote:

are you on c-s.org? Wink

never! Blum 3

This will sound weird but I had said to my mom if he was going to come in September I was hoping it would be 9/19 or 9/22, and so I am glad he picked one of those days lol! I guess he really listens to his mom.

He is a quite content and easy going baby.

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Welcome to september glad u and LO are doing well.

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The more the merrier! Welcome!

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Hi and welcome. glad you are both doing well.

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9/22 is a great day to have a baby boy Smile


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Welcome to Seotember. I remember reading about your accident. I was also rear-ended at about 37 weeks but it wasn't anywhere near as badas yours. Congrats on your little one!

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Welcome aboard! Smile

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Welcome to September!

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