miserable after cervical check?

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miserable after cervical check?

Yesterday I had my first internal/cervical check. It hurt like h*ll which I did not expect! Last night I bled, which the doctor said is normal. But last night and today I am miserable. I almost feel like I am PMSing. I'm irritable,nauseous, crampy, my back hurts, I'm sore down there. Did anyone else experience this after a cervical check?

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing that! I don't remember having any issues after my internals. Were you dilated at all when checked?

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I was 1 cm, 50% effaced

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When I was in L&D last week and the nurse did a cervical check, it hurt like crazy, I was about ready to kick her in the face and jump off the bed. She said the first cervical check can really hurt like that and sure enough, the next two were uncomfortable but normal feeling.

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I actually heard these checks can kick start labor?

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I had a few internal checks when I was in the hospital having Brandon (but none so far with this pg) and I remember it being uncomfortable but I don't remember having any side effects from it. I think some women are just more sensitive down there than others and I'm sure the bleeding is common.

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I've always found cervical checks to be painful as well. I mean really painful. I've also experienced spotting afterward, and feeling crampy for the next day or so (but not always). I'm sorry it was miserable for you!

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i honestly cant remember from my first and with this pregnancy I havent had any internals so im no help. sorry that it was so uncomfortable Sad

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With my two previous pregnancies, I didn't have any cervical checks until I was 39 weeks and they were easy because my body was already dialated a bit and effaced too. I think if you have them sooner when your body isn't quite ready yet, they can be uncomfortable/hurt. I declined to have them done last week and today as well at my appointments. I may let them do one next week as I'll be 38 1/2 weeks at that point. We'll see.

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I never had cervical checks with DS until I was in labor and by that point, it didn't matter what it felt like. I have had four cervical checks so far with this pregnancy, most recent one being today and although they are uncomfortable, they don't really hurt me too bad. I just mainly feel pressure. I had a lot of ladies warning me about how much pain I would feel and some said they are in tears when they have one. I'm wondering if it just depends on the person and how sensitive you are down there. My sister and I have the same doctor and she told me that they are extremely painful as well so I don't think it's the doctor.

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some uncomfortableness and bleeding is normal. Smile