Miss my sleep...

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Miss my sleep...

Oh, boy- do I miss the days I could lie down and fall straight asleep!

This is the hardest part of pregnancy to me- besides the first initial, is this going to actually result in a baby or not, questioning in the beginning.

The moment I get comfortable- I have to pee. Or my heartburn returns. Or my boys come into my room... Or my cats come racing across the bed and tick me off! (And I love all of them- but could they let me sleep???)

And all of the other times- I am tossing and turning... And tossing and turning...

Anyone else?

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I could have written this myself!!!! Not much else to add to it! You said it all!

I wonder if tylenol pm is ok to take?

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I am up to pee every 1 to 1.5 hours on most nights. I take TUMS at least 2x that I am up....and then once I get back in bed I have to rearrange my pillows in an attempt to get comfy again... oh and the other killer for me is being too HOT!

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The heat kills me- well, it's the humidity. We have had a week or two of real humidity out here in the desert and ugh... It's finally back up to nice and hot- so the house stays chilled with the swamp cooler. Otherwise, I'd be suffering even moreso!

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Omg I feel your pain, I cant sleep yet Im soooo tired!!!
It is sooo frustrating :confused:

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If I solve all of those problems before GOING to bed, I'm good to go.

Go potty, turn my fan blowing on me, eat about 4-6 papaya enzyme pills, drink a bunch of water, crawl in bed and I'm usually out within a few minutes.

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YES! Really up until this week it wasn't that bad, this week I am absolutely miserable. The other night if I wasn't waking up to pee I was waking up with heartburn or a contraction. Today between digestion 'issues' and feeling nauseaus constantly I can't get any rest either and I am just so exhausted! 2 more weeks and I am READY! Lol

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Only within the last week have I had trouble sleeping. I can fall asleep really easily but around 3 I am basically up for the day...

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Amen, sisters! Smile

Between getting to bed late because can't get DD1 and DD2 to sleep, tossing and turning from the hip pain, needing to pee, and having to be up so early for work I am lucky that I can remember my name during the day.

I have always told myself that this is nature's way of getting us used to lack of sleep.

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Oh yeah. I'm not sleeping well at all. I have a hard time falling asleep and then I'm tossing and turning and getting up to pee the rest of the night. It sucks, but thankfully Brandon is still napping so I am able to get a good hour or two-hour nap in.

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Anything Tylenol you can take. You can also try Benadryl or Unisom.

I have been having issues staying asleep. I'm so exhausted that I can fall asleep just about anywhere. I was up about every hour last night either contracting or peeing. It's getting old! But, in a few wks, I'll be up every few hours for a great reason! Hope you girls get some rest!

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I'm not sleeping well either. If I can get comfortable I can fall asleep pretty easily initially, but I'm up SO many times in the night. My hips are killing me, but I can only sleep on my side at this point. I have to pee a million times, and when I get up to pee the heartburn kicks in. I have a bottle of Tums living on my bedside table at the moment. Then of course DD is up at the crack of dawn. It stresses me out to think that I won't get a good night's sleep until not only after this baby is born, but after he starts sleeping through the night. I would give just about anything for an uninterrupted night's sleep at this point.

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Im right there with everyone at this point. I cant sleep on my sides thou cause he wont let me. I guess it squishes him cause he makes it miserable and kicks me till I move to my back. I actually was sitting up in bed today with the tv on and fell asleep sitting up I was so tired from not sleeping the last few nights. Ive had the dog waking me up at like 4am to go outside the last few nights. Which is something totally new he has decided to do. You can take Tylenol Pm..its tylenol with benadryl in it. I take one at night to help because of my back.

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Add me to the list. Can't get comfortable, and I have wicked restless leg syndrome. Manifests itself in feeling like my toes are too close together. Thats the best way I can explain it. Then when I do fall asleep I'm up to pee, and can't get comfortable again.

Arrived at work today, parked in the garage and was waiting for the weather report to come on the radio. Next thing I know half an hour had passed, and I had drool all down my chin. Totally fell asleep.

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me too! i toss and turn due to the pelvic pain. and every hour or so it wakes me up. then i'm up cuz i'm in pain and realize i have to pee. so i painfully get out of bed and go to the restroom..come back and try to get comfy, which usually doesn't work

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Oh yesss! I am there with you. I can't sleep at all these days. I can't get into a good position at all, heartburn, and pain when I lie too long on one side. They say left side, left side but right side to me feels so much better, lol.

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Hey lady! Not seen you around for awhile - like the rest I'm right there with you - it's just before 4am now and I gave in trying to sleep desipite how tired I am so am here browsing around. I'm up & down so many times a night I sometimes wonder why I bother lol

Have you picked out a name for your little fella yet? Miss seeing you around more :bighug:

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yep, sounds just like me. I finally get comfy, then I have to pee. and/or the heartburn flares up and it feels like i have venom coming up my throat. yuck. I've come to the conclusion that I will always feel tired still after I wake up. and then when I DO get those rare times of uninterrupted restful sleep, I can just think of that as a bonus lol