Moles in pregnancy

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Moles in pregnancy

Does anyone know if moles or birthmarks tend to get a little darker in pregnancy?

I have my annual mole check scheduled for tomorrow AM (although it has been longer than a year since my last visit):eek: I am not looking forward to it!

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Moles can get darker in pregnancy and it can cause new ones to develop. I hope your mole check goes well.

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Hey Lenora! Thanks for the info! I thought I had heard or read something about them darkening, thanks for confirming it. Smile

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You may have already gone to your appt, but I wanted to let you know that with both of my pregnancies my moles and birthmarks have done crazy things! 6 weeks after DS was born I have to go and get 9 of them removed!!

I also get lots of new moles, or they get darker, or they change shape. My dermotologist said that it is a reaction to the hormones from being pregnant.


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Hey Katie, my appointment is tomorrow. I haven't gone in a few years and I was a little hesitant to go while be so very pregnant, but I have noticed 2 in particular that don't look right to me (darker and bigger perhaps?) So, I figured I would get them looked at. I am not looking forward to having anyone look at my gigantic pregnant body with a magnifying glass but it has to be done I guess!

Thanks for the responses gals,

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I developed a mole on my face during my pregnancy with DD. There was nothing wrong with it but I didn't like they way it looked so I had it removed. It turns out there was a pea sized cyst underneath (benign) that would have continued to grow. I have a small scar now but I am glad I got it removed when I did.

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My moles get darker and also larger when I'm pregnant. They all went back to normal after having DD, and now have changed again with this pregnancy. I haven't gotten any of them checked out at this point, but I'm seriously thinking about it after I have the baby, just for peace of mind. Even though I know it's normal and I'm sure they're fine.

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Erin, yep I am totally fine with them removing whatever they want! I would rather have a little scar than having a strange growth!

Heather, thanks so much for all the info. That must be what is happening to mine. I know one is definitely darker. I wonder if I should have waited until I am no longer pregnant. I am sure they will tell me either way.

The one thing that stinks is I need to so some serious shaving of my legs. It is so difficult these days!

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I never even thought of going in to have moles checked out. My OB had mentioned one looking strange but I didn't think anything of it. I will have to make a call and get this done as well.

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My mw says its common for them to darken or new ones to appear. With this pg i have got one right beside my belly button :eek: hope ur appt went well!!!

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Yep, you all know your moles. Doctor confirmed with me that they do get darker although they shouldn't contain lighter shades of color (be variegated) around them.

She looked me over and found one on my back that was suspicious looking but didn't want to remove/do biopsy until after I deliver because she didn't want any complications/infections to arise due to the fact I am pregnant. She said it can wait a month. Sooo, back I go in October.

Alright, enough about moles, I guess!!:)

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Glad it all went well, hopefully in October that one looks better. I have never had my moles checked...though I really should. I have a few weird looking ones and my grandma had skin cancer....not to mention all the tanning I did in my teens. I have gotten new moles with each pregnancy and many have definitely gotten darker. My skin in general is pretty weird during pregnancy though.

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It is strange that the weird looking ones were the "normal" ones! It was the one I didn't think of as being strange or suspicious that turned out to be that way.

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I am very fair and get those little red spots. When I'm pregnant they "pop out", almost as if someone injected water into them.

While I was pregnant with my daughter I developed a perfectly heart shaped one on my thigh which I still have. Everytime I see it I think of how much I love her and am happy I don't have to pay for a tatoo!