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mommy in the news

i hope that is isnt inappropriate or offensive in any way...

so a few days ago, hubbie and i were watching Nancy Grace and we saw the story about the little girl that was found in the car alone at a resort. car was running, door was ajar and the hazard lights were on and it was really early in the morning. the mom was 20 and the little girl was 14 months old. Hubbie made the comment that it looks bad for the mom and i remember tearing up thinking, wow if that is true, she is my hero! she sureley made sure her daughter was left alone...i havent been able to get them off mymind since.

on the way into work this morning we hear on the news that the mom was found, unfortunately she didnt survive whatever happened. i did not hear details yet, but i immediately started to cry hysterically! a young mother, in whatever situation (kidnapping?) leaves her baby girl in a car probably knowing her fate...i cant imagine her pain as she left her duaghter there alone. i cant even begin to put into words what i realy want to say, but im sure i dont have to explain, you all will know what im saying. my heart is broken for them.

i just wanted to take a moment to say a long prayer for that mom, her daughter adn their family! Thanks for listening.

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It's really sad, I've been watching that story since her little girl is just 2 months younger than my little guy. Very sad that it ended the way it did Sad

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I heard about the story but I didn't know they found her. What a sad situation.

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Wow, I don't think I've heard of that story, but what a sad one! I'm glad the little girl is alright, but I agree, whatever happened to make the mom leave her alone must have really been hard and hurt her deeply, especially if she sensed she may not be coming back. And only 20 years old, so sad Sad

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My summer home is in New Hampshire (Lake Winnepesauki area) and North Conway is not too far away in the beautiful White Mountains. Not only is it sad and tragic, but so close to home really makes me uneasy. Thank god her little girl was safe.