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Monthly Updates

Not for the board, for yourselves Smile I wish I would have remembered to do it with each of my children but figured I could at least remind everyone else to! Write down what they are doing each month, how big, new milestones, special occasions, what size diapers/clothes/shoes, what a typical day is like, ect. I put it in their baby books, but I didn't remember for all my kids so I feel a little guilty. It's neat to look back on Biggrin

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing :-).

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One thing I started with DD1 shortly after she was born was writing letters. I have a journal I write in periodically, after doctor's appointments, when she reaches milestones, when she says something particularly funny, etc. I wrote in it more often in that first year, since it seemed like she was always changing, but I still try to write at least every few months.

I started one for DD2 earlier- actually during the TTC journey, so it includes a letter about getting the BFP.

I plan to give them their journals when they're older. Maybe high school graduation, or wedding? Not sure.

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Funny u mention this I just sat down and wrote in Kesler's baby book today!! Biggrin