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I noticed last night that Im getting NEW stretchmarks on my belly ALREADY.



I have PLENTY leftover from Brayden, but apparantly, Im carrying Cassandra higher than I carried him, so Im getting NEW upper belly stretch marks.

Anybody else with this issue?

and still 18 weeks to go...

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Not so far, but I am sure that I am going to get plenty! I have never carried any of my babies 'in my ribs' so they have all been relatively low. I carried DS2 higher then any of my others and I got SM on my hips and sides from him. I know that these girls are going to have to move up and when they do I'm sure that I will get lots of new SM's Sad

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I do! i do! I heard that Olive Oil really helps with this (don't know how true it is) but I've invested in these 100% olive oil bars and i guess we'll see. It is to be expected i guess for a first timer, I just hope it does not get too out of hand. :eek:

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Nothing yet and I didn't get any with DD either but I have had 2 girlfriends have babies in the last couple of weeks and they said they got them with the second pregnancy. I am definately growing faster with this one.

I use body shop body butter on my tummy, maybe that is the key for me?

I do have some under my boobs so I am guessing I will get more there...

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i have ALOT of stretch marks! an since this is my first pregnancy, i know they are all new LOL i have a belly full of them already, all from my belly button down. i can only imagine how much worse they will get..UGH

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Last time I only got them around my hips and just a few. This time I've noticed a few low of my hips around my "bottom" but so far that's it. I guess we'll see though.

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I haven't seen any new ones yet, but I'm sure I will eventually. With DD, I didn't get a single one through the whole pregnancy... they all made their appearance in the first six weeks after she was born. I was so mad that I made it through the entire pregnancy without any, and then got a ton of them right AFTER she was born! Ugh!

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I made it to 39.5 weeks with nothing, then got one on either side 3 days before DS was born! However, I noticed once I lost the baby weight that I have lots of little silvery lines on my hips, but not the purple ones I got on my belly. This time, the silvery ones are still there - but not getting darker yet, thank goodness!