More bleeding...

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More bleeding...

So, I've been trying to keep positive and hopeful about this previa situation, and hoping that it would resolve itself. As of 4 weeks ago, it hadn't moved, and I have a follow-up u/s today to see if there's any change. Seeing as how I had some more bleeding last night, I'm thinking it hasn't. I think at this point I'm destined to have a c/s which I'm really disappointed about. But even more than that, now, I'm worried that I'm going to start bleeding at any time! The doctor told me last time if I have any bleeding I have to go to emergency, and the only way to resolve this situation if I start bleeding A LOT is to have an emerg. c/s. Baby is obviously not ready yet. This is totally stressing me out!


Well I'm much happier after the u/s! He started off by saying "I've seen babies born at this stage that survive" - like that's comforting! But...the placenta has moved!!! Not enough to have a normal delivery YET, but I'm at least holding out hope that if it's moved as much as it has in the last 4 weeks, that in another 4 weeks when I go in again, it might've moved enough for me to have a regular vag delivery. Yippee!!!! I still have to take it easy becasue bleeding is still an issue, but at least I got some good news! I have been starting to have a lot more BH ctrx too, so I've been told to put my feet up as much as possible...yeah right with a toddler constantly climbing me!

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Sad sorry hunny. I hope the baby stays in there and bakes a bit longer. hugs

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I'm so sorry for this. Praying that it resolves and it doesn't cause too much more stress.

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:bigarmhug: Did they say that it could still move even after 25 weeks?

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That has got to be so stressful, I hope you can talk with the OB @ your appt today! Are you on bedrest of any kind?

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I really hope things improve for you! I hope that baby keeps baking!!!

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We'll be waiting for an update from your appointment today. Crossing everything that your placenta has moved, or that the bleeding stops and baby can bake for a few more weeks!

Good luck!

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Sorry to hear things haven't gotten any better Sad Hopefully baby bean stays put and it doesn't get too bad where you need to deliver early. The whole c/s would freak me out too :(.

Hang in there and update us after your appt today! :openarms:

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I'm so sorry. I hope the bleeding stops and baby is able to keep baking for a few more months.

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I'm so sorry! I hope it resolves. KUP about your appt today!

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How stressful! I'm so sorry Sad I hope the u/s is able to give you at least a little bit of good news, so you the worries will be a little less.


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Oh no... so sorry to hear you've had more bleeding. Sad When I was preggo with DS, I had a low placenta and it didn't move up to a safe distance until about 30 weeks. So, you still have time for it to move, but I never had any bleeding with mine either. Hang in there girl. Hope you get some good news from your appt.

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don't have much to say other than hugs! and i hope that baby sticks around alot longer

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this! Fingers crossed that the placenta moves and you don't have to do a c-section. Having had an emergency c-section, I completely understand your desire to avoid one. It definitely takes awhile to come to terms with having a different birth experience than what you'd hoped for. Keep us posted!