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well the exciting part is im moving on tues... to a bigger apartment which will have room to fit these girls... sad part is... i have no idea when ill have internet back... right now ive been sharing a neighbors wireless... moving to the other side of town doubt ill be able to pick up her wireless... so i may be mia... but ill make sure i post updates etc when i go to my moms. ill miss you ladies hopefully i can get internet soon

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Good luck with the move. I'm sure you'll find a way back to us. Wink

We'll miss you. Take good care of those little girlies for us. Smile

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Good luck with everything! Glad you found an apartment!

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good luck with the move. see you when you get back.

i don't know if i realized this before, maybe i just forgot! but we are on the march08 board together and again now, awesome!

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Good luck with the move. Keep us posted when you get a chance.

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Yay for a bigger apartment. Hope you are able to get internet soon.

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Good luck! Hope you can update us soon!

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I hope that your move goes smoothly and please take it easy! Let the others do must of the work! Once you get settled I hope that you find your back to us!

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Good luck with the move, and hopefully you won't be away too long.

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hope your move goes well, we just moved too and we went without internet, tv and phone for 3 weeks, most of all I missed the internet!