My 23 week appt and US

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My 23 week appt and US

So it went very well. I had my US 1st and the babies are measuring within 4% of each other, they each basically weigh 1.6lbs. They are both heads UP which is why I am having a harder time getting up off the couch and keep feeling lots of kicks in my bladder! They are both still girls and are looking perfect!
Then I had my OB appt. My cervix is still long and closed, my uterus/fundal ht is now at 34 weeks. Baby A heartrate was 159 and B's is 150. I have gained 25 lbs so far :eek: but he isnt concerned. I will be going in for appts every 2 wks at this point and 4 wks for growth scans. So everything right now is going GREAT! Dirol

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Yay for a great appointment! I'm so glad that the girls are doing well!

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Woohoo for a good appt. Glad the girls are doing so well. I feel most of my kicks down in my bladder too, little bugger.

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Glad you had a good appt and that the girls are doing good. I feel alot on my bladder and he's head down. So, I guess he just likes to hit it. Little stinkers!

Every 2 wks??? Wow! Time is flying by!!!!!

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So glad for a good appt!

I too feel hits to my bladder(seriously almost peed myself yesterday) and this babe is heD down.

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I'm so glad everything is looking good with the babies, how wonderful! Smile

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Erin, so happy to hear everything is going well. I remember all the appts and growth scans and I felt like I lived at my Dr.'s office some days. I cannot WAIT to "meet" your girls. I always say this to you, but twins really are so much fun.

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Yay for a good appt!!! 25lbs isn't bad at all, you are measuring 34 weeks! I can't even imagine, are you uncomfortable?

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Woohoo! Glad the girls are doing well Smile

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Glad u had a good appt and the girls are doing good Smile

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yay! glad the babies are doing well! Smile

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GREAT update! Keep up the good work, mama!

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I am so happy everything is going well!