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My appointment

I don't usually post about my monthly appointments but this one gave me some much needed answers.

I have been suffering from constipation so bad, I go 4-5 days between BM's, and I have almost continuous cramping although both sides of my abdomen.

My doctor is starting me on a week of heavy duty laxatives (starting at the lowest dose and working up for the next 4 days) until I go and then a less intense laxative to keep me regular. She also said that if the laxatives don't work then I move up to a sup.

She hates preggo woman cramping for any reason at this point in the pregnancy (or at any point for that matter) because she doesn't want to misdiagnose preterm labour (not that I am at any risk).

I love my doctor!

As for the other regular stuff, baby's HB was 160 and super active. I am up 1 pound according to her scale, 3 according to mine. I also had a cervix swab because I didn't have one at the beginning to test for all the yucky stuff so I had that done. Cervix looks "great" she said - how anybody could say it looks great down there is beyond me Smile

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I'm glad you are finally getting relief. Also, glad your cervix "looks great" Lol Much better than hearing "wow... you're slightly dialated" especially when you've been crampy. Smile

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I hope the laxatives bring you some relief. Hearing that your cervix looks good is odd but definitely a good thing. I've heard that several times this pg with all my spotting episodes and it's amazing what a relief it is to hear that your cervix looks great, lol.

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A lot of the time they can tell just by looking at the cervix that something is off - like if there may be abnormal cells, so she was probably saying it looks healthy lol.

It sounds like you got a lot of answers, being that badly constipated must be horrible.

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I'm so sorry that you're still dealing with the cramping/constipation. That is awful! I hope the laxatives solve the problem and you can get some relief!

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Glad you got some remedies for the constipation! That can be miserable, especially with the cramping too. Hope the laxatives are effective and bring you relief.

And yay on a good-looking cervix. Wink

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Yay for a good appointment! I've been suffering from consistent constipation too, but not that bad. I'm glad you're going to get some relief - that can make you feel just miserable.